Updating or removing videos

Xbmc recently added not updating

Be aware that the

Rename the text file to the above name with the leading and trailing period. The file format has been changed.

The path to the entry hasAny artwork nfo files trailers extrasThe file format

Use this option No- Will keep the library listing of all video titles that are in that source. Create an empty text file.

Re-add the Source in the same manner you first added the source. Any artwork, nfo files, trailers, extras, movie folder etc, will not be deleted from the hard disk. Be aware that the deletion setting will only delete the video file. The path to the entry has changed. Windows will notify you that changing the file extension will make the file unuseable.

Rename the text file to

The process can also be used to include additional file types. It is possible to reduce the duration of this process by scanning a single source only.

Readd the Source in
Windows will notify you