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Celebrity guest performers also featureIn past series some

The voting window was also shortened, viewers only have a few minutes to vote for their favourite acts after all the contestants on the night have performed. This format was very poorly rated by many members of the British public. Get in touch with us at webcelebs trinitymirror.

The Filipino had not been allowed to travel to Malibu because of visa issues. Dancers are also commonly featured.

The X Factor Everything you need to know

In past series some of the more memorable failed auditionees from the early rounds have also returned for a special appearance in the final. Celebrity guest performers also feature regularly. It features an array of finalists and other memorable contestants from the most recent The X Factor series and is hosted by Jeff Brazier.

Usually in both stages, the judges do not give any feedback to the acts after performing, and only deliberate on which acts to send through after all the performances at each stage are finished. Walsh revealed in October that the houses the contestants visit may not actually belong to the judges, but are sometimes rented for the purpose. After the Bootcamp round, the mentor challenges their contestants through the Six-Chair Challenge. This has become less common in other series, instead being relegated to results shows with no final showdown.

Once they have performed their sing-off songs, the lines then reopen and the public votes on which contestant to win the weekly prize. Acts occasionally accompany themselves on guitar or piano.

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However, the song is pre-recorded and the contestants mime, due to problems with the number of microphones. Viewers are then given a few minutes to vote to save one of the bottom three, with the winner of the lifeline vote avoiding the final showdown.

Lineup changes may also sometimes occur depending on what the judges feel the group is missing or which members they think work well with others. But he told Shan she would not get a knock today as he sent her to the lives. In the initial live shows, each act performs once in the first show in front of a studio audience and the judges, usually singing over a pre-recorded backing track. Each act performs twice in the first show, with the public vote opening after the first performance. The winner of the prize fight will win a special weekly prize.

Once all the acts have appeared, the phone lines open and the viewing public vote on which act they want to keep. It was a vital part of the format.

In the initial live shows