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Making his way through the armoured train, Anderson manages to secure the isolation case. As a secondary objective, he should attempt to assassinate Emperor Ugenberg and hopefully bring about the end of the war. Colonel Mitchell is the commander of the operation, but has an ulterior motive for wanting the mission to succeed.

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Anderson then discovers why he was sent in the first place. After Anderson boards the helicopter in pursuit of Mitchell, the helicopter takes off and flies into the horizon just as a scream is heard from someone on board. The levels were reworked and simplified, and character models were also improved.

Redirected from World War Zero video game. Several in-game glitches and vague mission objectives could often force players to replay one level multiple times before finally succeeding.

Further into the town, Anderson links up with the German Resistance, fighting against the Russo-Mongol forces in the town. Before he can accomplish his objective, however, the Reichstag is stormed by American Black Ops soldiers led by Colonel Mitchell, who attempt to kill everyone they can find, including Lt.

Blood Sport has been described as a spiritual sequel to Iron Storm by the game's developers. Killing the nuclear scientists, Anderson manages to put a halt to the research, for a while, and steals the arming device for the first two and only nuclear-capable missiles produced by the facility. The train arrives at the subterranean station of the Reichstag, mithun chakraborty songs list where Anderson is ordered to steal the magnetic key.

Anderson eavesdrops on a conversation between Ugenberg and Mitchell over the Reichstag's security system, and learns the entire truth behind the war. Through intelligence directed to him via Captain Newcastle, he learns that the first ever batch of heavy water created by the Wolfenburg Weapons Research Facility is also on the train. An advertisement for a new type of machine gun that is expected to raise the stock market then airs. Mitchell then kills Ugenberg, since peace would jeopardize the Consortium's continued profits. Anderson then arrives at Wolfenburg and fights his way through the town toward the Wolfenburg chemical factory, which is the disguise for the Empire's secret weapons research facility.

Players take the role of Lieutenant James Anderson, a jaded American special forces soldier born in to parents he never knew he was a war orphan due to the continuous conflict. Enemies also behave erratically, as seen when several attempt to walk through walls, or when the player shoots a particular enemy multiple times and yet the enemy remains unscathed.

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Thus threatening a victory, which would mean the end of the war, and thus their investments and financial gain. The game ends with a televised Russian news report telling the Russian public that Ugenberg has been killed by Allied soldiers, and that the war will continue in memory of his name.

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Iron Storm ( video game)

The Resistance escort him to the gates of the Chemical factory, and Anderson proceeds alone into the facility. Anderson finds the lift, and drops into it via a hatch on the roof. The operation was a success, but did not end the war as a new emperor was installed by the Russo-Mongolian government shortly afterwards. He is then taken underneath the chemical factory to the weapons research facility, but manages to escape from confinement. The outcome of the war now depended almost entirely on the economy of the Alliance's member nations.

Anderson follows Mitchell, then breaks into Ugenberg's private quarters and kills Mitchell's second-in-command as they try to make their escape in a helicopter. At this facility, the Empire are attempting to make the first nuclear weapon, using heavy water.

Multiplayer modes were completely cut out along with the majority of the cutscenes, the quick-save feature, and third-person mode. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Captain Cecile Newcastle of the British Royal Highlands Regiment is Anderson's immediate supervisor and is responsible for guiding him through his mission. However, the enemy have prepared for his arrival, and the lift fills with gas. Many of the people who worked on Bet on Soldier had previously worked on Iron Storm. Anderson is knocked out and is captured.