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Phaedra gives legal council to Kenya, and shares startling secrets in the process. Will and Cynthia ride home.

As tensions rise theThe women goBy the time the season ends

As tensions rise, the trip comes to a surprising end for one of the ladies. Tensions rise when Kenya has a tough time taking constructive criticism, setting off a storm of her own. Kim gets wind of a joke made at her expense, so she makes a shocking move. Cynthia confronts Eva and Porsha about the tea they spilled. Drama gets hot between Kenya and Sheree when talking about the construction of their dream houses.

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Six girls, different personalities, we're all working together, it's tough. Kenya is at the doctor with cousin Che. Porsha struggles with letting people back into her life. Elsewhere, Cynthia's daughter makes her modeling debut, Bob takes Sheree on a romantic outing and an unforeseen phone call shakes up Kandi. Even she was tired of hearing about Peter Cottonbeard.

Tensions rise when Kenya

Meanwhile, Shere struggles to get to the bottom of NeNe's issues with her prison boo. By the time the season ends, I just feel like I'm over it. The women go inside to eat their pureed soy and veggies and Porsha requests that they not mess up the dinnerware because it has to go back tomorrow.

Meanwhile Shere struggles to

Word on the street is, they had to say these things because Kenya refused to travel with Kim so production cancelled Kim. Sheree, daily-wearer of activewear, questions the class of her wardrobe decision. Next week, Kim finally puts out the the roach video. There is someone who really likes me.

Kandi balances life and business. Check out a preview of the NeNe vs. While Kenya copes with separation anxiety from her husband, Cynthia is forced to face the reality of where things stand with Will.