Walker liquidating akron

Walker liquidating akron

If you are a legal representative, a private individual or a bank trustee, Marcia A. We appraise for resale, insurance, or estate purposes. Hiring a professional estate company involves interviewing several candidates, according to Walker. This procedure is a monetary safeguard which minimizes the risk of selling items at far below the market value. An estate sale includes a lifetime accumulation of personal property and household items being sold, with each item priced and tagged separately.

The sale usually liquidates items for cash for remaining family, but sometimes also to benefit a charity as outlined in a will.

While a professional company usually does the actual selling of items for family members, the family does have some work to do prior to the event. References also are strongly recommended.

The experience acquired during this period has helped create Marcia A. Tag sales and estate sales are a type of garage or yard sale organized to sell off items, often for a deceased person. Generally, the fee is based on a percentage of the sales realized through the liquidation process. Our extensive mailing list makes this possible. Estate and tag companies create an inventory of items to dispose of, but family members also can create a list and include pictures.

The liquidation process may be either public or private depending on the specific needs of the client. In order to determine a fee, it is necessary for us to be aware of your specific needs. Tag and estate sales are usually organized and run by a professional for a specified percentage of the revenue from the sale of items. Zarembka was co-owner of Homestead Exchange and has now established her own business.

Customers also can visit a company event to see how they operate. We operate our business by thoroughly researching and accurately pricing the items to be liquidated prior to the date of the sale. Zarembka provides you with a reliable, low risk, profitable avenue for dispersal of personal property.

Akron Ohio News - Estate, tag sales require some preparation

We consider conducting profitable and efficient

We consider conducting profitable and efficient sales for our clients as our primary responsibility. The dispersal of personal property by a professional business firm such as Marcia A. Estate and tag sales can include the sale of all different kinds of household items. Zaremka can greatly increase the profit realized at such a sale.

This background has given us the ability to appraise antiques, collectibles, fine arts, and oriental rugs. About Us Our business specializes in estate liquidation sales. Zarembka, who opened the business under another name in with a co-owner who has since retired, said it takes time to research and establish the best price for an item. Zarembka, Estate Sales and Appraisals.