Renew your driving licence

Updating your driving licence

Your driver license is valid not

Your driver license is not expired. Your driver license is valid not suspended or revoked. The document must be an original, as copies are not accepted.

The document must be an

It was then realised that his driving licence had been revoked, so his car was impounded and he was forced to make his own way home. Email your queries to letters honestjohn.

See here for more information on the alternatives for upgrading a motorcycle licence, i. However, two million drivers have failed to do this. It's a very good idea for everyone to apply for a photocard licence, despite the stupidity of it not being chipped and requiring a separate bit of paper for endorsements. Locate the office nearest you. Your Social Security Number is already on file.

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The trade must be made as an upgrade to the driving licence category at Ajovarma. If you have a recently issued passport with a biometric image, you do not even have to supply a verified photo. This seems very heavy-handed. Towards the bottom of the card, you will find the address the authorities have for you.

He is now required to appear in court. You must apply for a driving licence permit and attach the examination certificate issued by the armed forces to your application. More Honest John articles. Upgrading your driving licence category If you wish, you can obtain new driving licence categories, i.

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If the document is not in English, a certified English translation must also be submitted with the original document. Both the application and fee must be mailed to the address located at the top of the form for processing.

Your driver license is not

This may take longer if your health or personal details have to be checked. If you were married or became a civil partner in some other country you can submit your passport, national identity card or Irish travel document as evidence to support your change in name. But it is not just failure to keep your licence up to date that can land drivers in hot water.