Updating table through view in oracle

Updating table through view in oracle

Therefore, make sure that you save your view definition in a script file in case you ever need to modify it. However, your best bet is to make sure that all objects are owned by dbo so that there are no breaks in the ownership chain. Also, the functionality of the view depends on the privileges of the view owner. When a view is dropped, all grants of corresponding object privileges are revoked from roles and users.

All underlying objects referenced by the view are not affected. As far as the user is concerned, the view looks just like a table.

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Row-level security must be defined at runtime because it's impossible to know what values a table will contain until then. This happens when the view and the underlying table do not have the same owner.

Note that even if a view is updatable, it might not be possible to insert into it, as described elsewhere in this section. The following statements create the appropriately constrained table definitions for emp and dept. This simplifies access to the data because the underlying query does not have to be written on the client and then submitted each time a report is run. Reader Hi, We are not sure why our first query didn't work for you. It means that the server always knows whether a view is updatable.

Join Tables A user can query a single view instead of having to learn complex join syntax and understand the structure of your database. The definition of an encrypted view. There must be no duplicate view column names. But, the update doesn't work faithfully always.

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The view must contain all columns in the base table that do not have a default value. It would be rather meaningless and ambiguous if you could. Replacing a view replaces the view definition in the data dictionary.

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After the view is re-created, privileges must be regranted. Restricting Columns and Rows Columns and rows can be restricted, allowing users to focus on specific data that interests them.

Updating base table column through a view