Updating Your Elastic Beanstalk Environment's Platform Version

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If the client constructor can't find credentials using the credentials provider chain, it will throw an AmazonClientException. New platform versions provide updates to existing software components and support for new features and configuration options.

If the client constructor can't

This configuration file is very descriptive, read through it to get more ideas or information. Migrating an Environment to a New Configuration You might have reasons to migrate your application to a new configuration. You can configure your environment to apply minor and patch version updates automatically during a configurable weekly maintenance window with managed platform updates. Elastic Beanstalk doesn't support automatic platform updates across configurations. This will allow files generated on the file server to match ownership of those generated on the client system.

New platform versions provide

Install Samba It is best to have Samba installed in the installation process. If you use another method to obtain or pass instance profile credentials, you are responsible for checking for and refreshing expired credentials.

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The following procedure shows how to migrate your environment to a different platform configuration. Major versions are only used for backward-incompatible changes. This should do the same steps as above. Large organizations need to think ahead when creating a new user. Iterate on testing and deploying your fixes until you're satisfied with the application on the new environment.

Windows Server-based platforms are not semantically versioned and do not support managed platform updates. This will allow smooth operation of connected systems. Use whichever, but be consistent.

Install Samba It is best to

Library which provides a set of interfaces for security-aware applications to get and set process and file security contexts. Previously Livna was recommended. Elastic Beanstalk applies managed updates with no downtime or reduction in capacity, and cancels the update immediately if instances running your application on the new version fail health checks. The above is for read-only access.

If you use another