How to Install a Terk Antenna

Terk antenna hookup

Rotate the tapered end

The converter box will scan for channels. Okay, we'll be here when you're ready for a new antenna. Now turn on the converter box.

The coax cable from the antenna is ran to the input of the power box. The position of the antenna is critical.

In our case, the antenna was a large, s multi-directional behemoth that was hanging in our attic, unused for decades. From there, we had to run it through the ceiling of the basement, around a cold air return vent, and out into the crawlspace. There should be a power box with the antenna. Extend the two antenna rods on either side of the base fully. On this box there should also be a coax cable output.

The coax cable from the antenna

Hold the Christmas tree-shaped metal pole that is provided with the Terk antenna so that the tapered end is facing right. Rotate the tapered end a quarter turn clockwise to lock it in the slot.

When it's done you should have

Looks like a threaded cylinder with a small hole in the center. Denise You're welcome Denise. We had to tie a pair of pliers to the cable to weight it enough to make it go down the chimney, as it was cold and the cable kept coiling. When it's done you should have reception.

We had to tieDenise You're welcomeHold the Christmas treeshaped

Terk Digital Antenna With Roku

There are many arguments about twin-lead vs. Otherwise, coaxial generally holds up better. How many channels you get will depend on the antenna and your location. Run coax cable from the output of the the antenna power box to the coax cable input on the back of the digital converter box. Choose the coax input that the coaxial cable is connected to from the list of connectors.

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