Tim Tebow Laughs Off Rumors About His Love Life

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Some fans might be shocked to learn that Jana's relationships with her brothers and sisters are a tad complicated, to say the least. Duggar has admitted to being asked to court but has turned the offers down because she did not feel lead to accept them. Not to mention, Jana is very goal-oriented.

Fans are happy with any path that Jana Duggar chooses to take, but they wish she would find a man who is worthy of her. There are no intentions to get the two together at all. We'll just have a good time.

Her sibling relationships are sometimes awkward Facebook For some single people, Valentine's Day can be an uncomfortable and tedious holiday. Contributor Read more from this author Suggest a correction to this article Jana Duggar is often talked about because of her relationship status. Jim Duggar once poked fun at Jana's single status YouTube When you're single in a family full of coupled up siblings, things can get kind of awkward from time to time. Jana is always a bridesmaid, never the bride. Although most singletons can choose to ignore the holiday altogether, others don't have the luxury of avoiding moments that might remind them of their relationship status.

Still, you never know how things could work out for Jana down the line. She will have plenty of things to do around the home to keep busy. Unfortunately for Michelle, however, her parenting solution didn't go over too well. This has raised some concern for critics but fans know that Jana is just waiting for the right suitor to come along and sweep her off her feet.

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Tim Tebow Addresses Katy Perry Dating Rumors

At a January speaking event in Australia, Jim Bob seemingly mocked Jana for her longtime single status. Although that name might seem like a lot to live up to, it turns out Jana is doing a good job of keeping the Duggar's backyard looking fresh.

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The Tim Tebow-Katy Perry romantic rumors started when the year-old, preacher's daughter divorced from actor, Russell Brand. While some might argue that the gesture was sweet, most Counting On viewers complained that the roses were a bit strange. Yep, it's quite clear most people aren't in favor of the Duggar family drawing attention to Jana's personal life. Others found flower-gate condescending.

The Tim TebowKaty Perry

The answer is probably no. He went on to politely dismiss the discussion of his love-life, saying that he just hangs out with his brothers and friends. Props to Jessa and Jana for putting aside their differences. Although the two do clash from time to time, they ultimately get the job done.

He is the son of good friends of the Duggar family. Only time will tell if these rumors are true. There have been a few names mentioned, including tim tebow. We're talking from Tim Tebow dating rumors all the way to the persistent speculation surrounding Jana's sexuality.

He has been a part of the rumors for a few years now. He plans to check on the progress of a hospital that his foundation is building and a visit to an orphanage he has built. Courting rumors swirl for Jana Duggar There are constantly Rumors surrounding who Jana Duggar is courting at any given time. For several years fans believed she may end up with Lawson Bates.