Breaking K-ent News that Suzy and Lee Dong Wook are Dating

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If you are dating someone you know isn't Mr. You aren't going to meet Mr.

Breaking K-ent News that Suzy and Lee Dong Wook are Dating

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Allow her the bite it or take it apart being careful not to embarrass her. Explain that like cleaveth unto like. They are likely to marry their equals. It is so important to be the kind of person you want to marry.

Cake vs icing Cards Pass out the cards and a pencil to each girl. Marry someone who has a deep love for the Savior.

Have them think about and start writing a few of the qualities that they want in a husband. It's the same when looking for a husband. Sister Joyce said that many people, including former missionaries from their mission ask her the single most important thing to consider when choosing who to marry. Most of the girls will pick the cupcake that has frosting because it looks better, is more appetizing, and is sweeter.

Below is my outline for this lesson. If you aren't really committed to the gospel and are unsure of your testimony, you are likely to attract someone who has a similar attitude. The girls just write what they want in a husband in the appropriate category.

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At the Bishops retreat the special guest speakers were President and Sister Joyce. After they consider the qualities they want their husband to have.

There is actually only a tiny bit of cupcake and the rest is a styrofoam ball. If you are a person who works hard and accomplishes what you set out to do, you will attract someone who has these same qualities. When she picks up the frosted cupcake she'll know immediately that there is something wrong with it because it will be very light.

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One that isn't frosted and one that looks yummy but is fake only frosting. Odds are, they will marry someone who is similar to them in many ways. Have them take a second look at the list and them ask themselves if they themselves posses these same qualities.

Guys aren't supposed to steady date before their missions so if you are steady dating a guy who hasn't gone on a mission yet, you are not following the rules. President Joyce was the mission president in Ogden a few years ago. She always gives them two. Marry someone who is your friend.