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They also later in the special show some admiration for Carlos. She was extremely impressed and ends up becoming friends with the boys and Camille. Bitters David Anthony Higgins is the strict, money-loving, and downright mean manager of the Palm Woods.

He is shown first hitting Gustavo with a limo going to his Grandma's House. He is always wearing a business suit and carries a black leather briefcase at all times. She is a real estate agent, and she used her job to help convince James's mom to let him stay in L. At the end, she made her dream by joining a band called Death Smash, as a replacement for Johnny, who they hated.

James loves wearing bandanas and has an alter-ego known as Bandana-Man, which is just him wrapped in purple bandanas. Of his bandmates, he is closest to Carlos, whom he loves to play video games and goof around with. At the end, Bitters's mom got convinced that her son was secret spy. Jo is best friends with Camille and gets along well with every other character.

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He is described as solid-voiced and driven beyond belief. Since his debut and all his other appearances, Jett and Kendall have never been on good terms and Kendall has stated he can't stand Jett. He also had a short relationship with Sasha, a girl Gustavo hired to date him and a visit from his long ago big time crush, Heather Fox who once seemed to like him, but fails to win her back.

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On numerous occasions, he has threatened to shut down Big Time Rush or otherwise handicap it and in Big Time Concert he did cancel the band forcing them to move back to Minnesota. Kendall's mother is the only parent shown on a regular basis while his father is not mentioned. Knight discovers along the way that he would be an excellent husband and that he is a great cook. Bitters for her actions, and was banned at the Palm Woods for life as a result.

He does not eat pulled pork. Her personality is a lot mellower than her boss's.

As Kendall gets suspicious about it, Katie and Bitters both tell him that Jett looks way better than he does. Unfortunately, this also meant Kendall was stuck with Jett for a whole week.