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This function provides the ability to Undo multiple commands at one time. Leave the Mirror Member Orientation option deselected.

The presence of orphan nodes may cause the program to fail to analyze the structure successfully. Define the sizes of members by width, depth, cross sectional shape, etc. All functions in the View toolbar are available in the View pull-down menu. Choose the desired unit system from the Select Base Unit drop-down combo box, and then click Accept.

Staad manual

In this manual, the first instance of a command is the most completely documented. This dialog permits the individual bay lengths to be revised manually, but it enforces the constraint that the sum of the bay lengths must remain the same as the overall length of the truss. However, smart fileman for nokia 6630 all screenshots shown in this manual are based on English units.

After rotating the structure in either the Shift key or Control Ctrl key modes, just click the mouse anywhere in the right side of the Structure Wizard window to return to clear sphere rotation mode. Open an existing file using the traditional Windows browse dialog enhanced with a model preview window. All the members in the model are highlighted. Select Space as the structure type.

The Nodes Cursor selects the nearest node when you click anywhere in the drawing area. Subsequent references to that command may not be as thorough since some general familiarity is assumed. Click Copy in the Generate Mode category. Pan remains active until it is toggled off. Note that the node numbers are toggling on and off without having to leave the Main Window.

This method may be useful if the beams to be deleted are in sequential numerical order, making them easy to select from a list. Notice that the top horizontal beam is segmented into three individual members of various lengths, with two intermediate nodes. Click the X-Y radio button in the Plane category.

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Associate to List associates the highlighted group name with all of the members whose numbers are entered in the List field. Now the hot spot appears at the end of the first member, indicating that it is the starting point for the next member. Click on the node that was just created.

Press and hold the Control Ctrl key. Dynamic panning is enabled. They maintain their coordinates once they have been placed. The Select Text Cursor is disabled or grayed out if there are no text objects in the model. The next step in creating this model is to add the column at the shallow end of the truss.

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Staad manual

The default grid appears in the Main Window. Click the Select Listed Entities button followed by the Close button.

Staad manual

Hover the cursor over the horizontal member again, and note that the tool tip now provides the beam number and the member length as requested. Click Dimension to View in the Options category. The remaining members are the truss webs.

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Double-click the North Light truss icon to create the right half of the truss structure. Pro model is defined with reference to the origin point of the global coordinate system. Note that this is a faster method of adding a node at the midpoint than the method used on the horizontal member. Associate to View associates the highlighted group name with all of the members in the view. Permits deformations in all three global axes.

Again, the current node is shown highlighted in the table. Magnifying Glass Provides a quick way to temporarily enlarge a portion of the structure for closer inspection.

Click Geometry Renumber Members. Permits deformations in all three global directions. MicroStation Bentley Systems, Incorporated. Click Tools Check Duplicate Nodes.

Now assume that a cantilever is to be added at the top of this portal frame, to align with the cantilever at mid-height. Pro highlights the selected insertion point. Permits loading in any direction, but members only provide axial resistance. Many of the same functions are also available from the Toolbar and from the Page Control. Acceptable for any configuration of model geometry and loading.

The model automatically opens to the Job sub-page of the Setup page in the Page Control area. Click Tools Check Duplicate Members.

The Pages that display depend on the current Mode of operation, which can be set from the Mode menu in the Menu bar. This allows for efficient reuse of information and reduces the amount of rework required when the structure changes. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to rotate the structure until the node at the lower left-hand corner of the frame is visible. Click the Close button in the Nodes dialog.

Staad manual

Click Tools Orphan Nodes Highlight. Pro on the Windows task bar to make it active. Pro will not create duplicate nodes at the tops of the two columns.

Sometimes deleting members leaves nodes without structural element attachment, known as Orphan Nodes. Click the Y-Z radio button in the Mirror Plane category, to indicate that the mirror plane will be parallel to the Y-Z plane. Remember to check this area any time you are in doubt about what response the program expects from you.

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STAAD Pro Software Manuals - Civil Engineering Community

Click the Isometric View icon. Get the basic truss unit from Structure Wizard.