Songs about regretting a hook up

Songs about regretting a hook up

All you can do now is replay that moment over and over again. Usually, verbalizing the events of a bad hookup makes it feel less awkward, and hopefully your friends will be able to make you laugh about it and potentially share their own bad hookup stories.

This beautiful song is about howThough if you had sex and

Fluorescent Adolescent is about a girl who used to be the life of the party. Naturally, some mistakes have greater consequences than others.

Identifying what's making you feel so crappy now can help you prevent it from happening in the future. The one you hurt to keep This song addresses a regret for doing all the wrong things to keep a relationship going. You're in bed, about to fall asleep. For Oswalt's character it's when he asked a woman he hadn't seen in a while when she was due. Listen to it along with the music video and it really hits home.

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This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. Now those days are behind her, and all she can do is get sentimental about the good old days.

This beautiful song is about how so many of us are willing to do things to make it up to the person we hurt, and yet we still find it so hard to say the one word that matters the most. Though, if you had sex and aren't sure if enough protection was used, definitely tackle that head on and get a morning after pill and get tested. The one that moved on Sometimes pain and regret needs to be expressed with panpipes and a banjo, and the Carolina Chocolate Drops do just that in this seemingly cheery old-timey tune. You aren't bound to tell anyone anything about it. It talks about a broad and general regret for the life you got stuck in.

That malleable sentiment takes form in any number of ways. Hello is the ultimate song for those of you who wish you could have just a bit of closure. Take your cue from these songs. The one you got too close to This is a song with defiant bitterness. This acoustic version is an easy-listening song of regret for loss and requests an old lover for another shot.

You aren't boundThe one that moved on