Sims 1 Objects

Expand your mind as you fatten your wallet! Useful with the institution hacks above. Nothing can get past a well trained security guard's eye.

Awesome Expression Sims 1 - Awesome Expression


Be sure to hire a security guard once you place this in your home. You'll look positively Euclidian in the eyes of your colleagues as you demonstrate theorems and integrate derivatives on this university-grade chalkboard. Everyone loves an ant farm! No charge on non-home lots.

Helpful for storyboarding. Have a blast with the old lady at all your parties. But inevitably the gasoline fumes consumed Bozo's sanity, and his show literally went up in smoke. Black color changed gothic tulips.

Dress up like the Grim Reaper, a clown, or a super hero! Hot Date For so long we have been plagued with a hideous bay window that tends to give a commercial feel. Empress Mei Mei ruled her island nation with a stylish panache not seen since.

Safety First

Sims from all over SimNation flocked to his daring pyrotechnics act. Most doors on this page are hacked so that they are either usable only by certain Sims, or at certain times of the Sim day. All the objects on this page are hacked so that they are either usable only by certain Sims, usb drive file recovery software or at certain times of the Sim day. All user-made objects are potentially risky to your game.


Can you control the ants, or will they control you? Adjustable stand included, crescendos extra.

Miscellaneous objects for The Sims 1

When properly cared for, this terrarium can provide months of enlightening revelry. But we have changed it all. Show Results Reset Filters. Sculptor, because I simply love Madame Tussauds. In the height of glory, hundreds of figurines were made in his likeness.

This section also has a few individual doors that do other things instead of locking. This gnome actually springs into action during the day and tirelessly waters your flowers.

No re-buying to look Christmassy! You greet them and then they take some candy.

When it's time to dispose of trash, why not do it plainly? On home lots, buy the stakeout and then hire a security guard over the phone. The elegance and beauty is far from over.


Bwah, who needs ambitions? Needless to say, production of his figurines immediately halted, but many can yet be found adorning an enthusiast's home. For your next wedding, consider decorating with balloons. Of course the kiosk as provided is information free, but it does make a lovely addition to any corporate area.

Sims are forced to use objects until freed by player or timer. Ad-blocker plugin detected We have detected that you are using an Ad-blocker plugin.

This download also includes the bug bomb, useful for killing numerous pests. Use this object to earn money. Information is a valuable commodity, and that is why dispensation of it must be done with care and thought.

Vacation This is a version of the wanted lovebed. Have fun dressing your sim up as goofy as you want! Ghost Hunter, so everybody will call me! The higher your creativity skill, the more you earn.

That's because the core of the game is at its most stable and powerful in the final release, and you can get the greatest control with it, especially the visitor control. Fire Fighter, because I can't stand the heat. And with this gracious beauty you are one step closer.

This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts, or its licensors. Like what your host has done for you? When placed on any other lot, the guard will automatically show up for the job.

Getting this message with no ad-blocker active? If you don't care for your ants, they may starve or escape.

Objects that help the Sims to change outfits, some automatic. This solar powered gardener will water your plants and flowers as long as the sun shines bright. This freestanding Monopoly set is a classic with a price to match. An innovative system of tokens and cooperating objects to make a group of rooms function as a restricted-access apartment in an estate of up to four apartments.

Objects for The Sims

Nothing better than a Sternn lectern to set people straight. Security guards are the best way to protect yourself from overzealous fans. Who doesn't want to heal the world? This is a fast, one time pick-me-up!