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He created the Southern Oregon Bigfoot Society so people could join together to chase the beast. How many other rockers just love to fuck? It is a good photographic record of a living being, and it shows in the film so splendidly as in these images and many more.

Or is this really even real or not. Debbie Harry Forget the so-called punk goddesses of today.

Is she from Southern Russia or is she like Roma Gypsy? These babes look real good, That's a real good mess. The rest will be posted here soon in two more segments. But sexy women now dominate pop music, and the same mojo that's stuffed Mick Jagger's dressing room for time immemorial draws would-be groupies to female icons in the same way.

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That's in Harris County just east of Houston off of the I freeway. You want to grab her and tell her everything is going to be okay, even though you know that's a lie. Nico Nico is sexy in the way that a crying woman is sexy. The History Channel in the U.

There are many interesting places. Tennessee Chronicles of Co-Existence. She is the epitome of androgynous beauty. You guys are just a couple of boobs!

Prince treats sex as some sort of ritual, the Rolling Stones surely do it mechanically, and countless others use it to fill an emotional void. Taylor Swift Taylor is the queen, or princess rather, of awshucks preacher's daughter cuteness.

Such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, etc. It was done via email exchange. Beyonce's body, whether movie-star slim or pregnant, is bangin'. These babes look a real good mess. She's aged rather gracefully, but her peak was clearly during her days with Blondie.

Oh, and she was a stripper. Even when she tried to distract us with the Versace dress cut down to there, we kept trying to get a glimpse of her you-know-what. Audio recordings are archived, lest some of you conspiracy theorists doubt the veracity of the following literal transcriptions. These will also appear in Recasting Bigfoot.

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Whatever kind of woman this is, she is living naked and in the wild. It's not like it was trying to catch me. They are really wonderful and well done by creative and talented people.

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Johnson still gets emotional talking about his encounter. You know nothing but what you have seen alone and even that is not enough to justify the Military as criminal. Indeed, anyone with two albums titled Oral Fixation has gone pretty far past mere suggestiveness.

Make me want to pack up and move to Mars. Ridicule and bad jokes abound among the media and general public when you bring up the subject of Sasquatch. Here's some more evidence. It has been a privilege to work with this film.

One reader on Facebook sent me a message that contained stories about two sightings in the McIntosh County area. Have you ever noticed there seems to be something special going on with railroad tracks and Bigfoot? Thompson kept a daily journal, see T.

Her sorrow is part of what makes her sexy. With a husky yet tender voice that could rock you one minute and make you cry the next, no one could put a spell on men quite like Nicks. In many cases, reports have been made of a sasquatch being seen making these footprints. The hottest Prince girl was Sheila E, no contest. It's not a house, It's a hotel.

Josh Homme may have traded her Distillers-era screams and growls for actual singing with Spinnerette, but she's as sultry as ever. With sightings dating back to the early s in Georgia, and ranging from the mountains to the coast, there is much to be said for the possible existence of the elusive creature in Georgia. Nico made the dating rounds among the royalty of proto-punk, including Lou Reed and Iggy Pop, dating how to react when he pulls away but none of them ever made her happy.

Our favorite features are her high cheekbones, tousled mane, almond-shaped eyes, and Jenny-from-the-block smile. When it comes to sex, she's an icon. You're a smart guy, you know what you are looking at here. Your art work has enspired me to draw more and do more.

He is also part owner of Kentucky Bigfoot, along with Charlie Raymond. Madonna When it comes to sex, Madonna literally wrote the book. You sort of just want to take her out to dinner and not try anything. With its roller coaster curves and waist-to-hip ratio, it's the prototype that Kim Kardashian showed to her plastic surgeon.

Also, she just loves to fuck. Never mind that in reality she's actually a calculated businesswoman running an empire, this fantasy is too perfectly down-home to give up. Only it's a pity that there is no any information about the location of such wonders!

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You're not very open-minded for an engineer! But you have to be born with what makes Queen B so sexy. What Hovatter saw was a bipedal apelike creature covered in thick hair.

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Her classic California beauty made her the girl you could take home to your parents, but her wild streak made her the perfect companion for a night on the Sunset Strip. And she can call us anytime. But you had a suspicion that your profound sense of sarcasm would win her over, and you knew deep down she realized her badassness was a front, just as it was for you and everyone else. The article was previously published at Kentucky Bigfoot Sightings Reports along with lots of pictures. Loves it between rounds of Xbox in a strange dorm.