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It was just really the first time that I felt things weren't sounding right. Chyna is cooking healthy meals for him.

Brocchini and Detective John Buehler met with Frey in person and asked if she would be willing to tape conversations she had with Scott Peterson. Um, well, I'm debating on when it should be done. During a press conference on Jan. It's the last time she's known to have talked to anyone, except her husband, Scott.

And I want to give you one. It just shows what amazing character you have. We've never hung out together alone or nothing like that. They don't have to be famous.

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Scott told her he had to go on a business trip. Scott reveals Laci's disappearance In another call that took place on Jan. With Scott Peterson was convicted of two counts of murder for killing his pregnant wife Laci and her fetus. Amber went to bed that same night and woke up in the early hours of the morning after a terrible nightmare.

And, um, and I want maximum coverage obviously. It was at the corner of Nichols and Central with the plaza lights in the background where Scott asked a stranger to take a picture of the them.

Of course, he was really just going home to his wife, something Amber never suspected, until she asked where she could send him a Christmas gift. Much to Amber's surprise he got down on one knee and proposed.

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Media pool coordinator Peter Shaplen holds up a released audio copies outside of a Redwood City, Calif. You came to me earlier in December and told me that you lost your wife.

They were walking around and Scott pretended to not know where he was going. Laci's family, who at first stuck by Scott Peterson during the initial phases of her disappearance, high quality dating sites expressed shocked at the revelation.

That didn't settle well with me. Advertise That same night, miles away in Modesto, Scott's wife Laci attended a Christmas party alone.

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And I kept yelling, quit laughing, she can't breathe. It's a really, really good vibe. And it's sad that people don't really get to see that. From her testimony and her wiretapped phone conversations with Peterson, jurors learned that he had lied about being married in order to date Frey and continue a relationship with her.

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The implication that I was perceiving from him. It was about finding this woman. Convinced that the man described was her lover, Frey said she immediately called the Modesto Police Department hotline. If it's chemistry then I'm just going to go with it.

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Amber Is Dating?!?

The next day, he told her he was going on a long trip, to Maine for the holidays with his parents, then to Europe to celebrate the New Year and do some business. Ok, now I need to know from you, um, I am going to, um, speak to the press this coming week.

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You said to him, can I trust you with my heart?

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The article mentioned Peterson's truck and occupation, Frey said. Minutes later, Peterson admits that he had told Frey on Dec. She said he told her he wasn't married. And I woke up, because I couldn't breathe.

Frey's phone conversations with Peterson continued at least until Feb. They celebrated with dinner at Buca di Beppo afterwards. Because Tuesday is, um, the State of the Union Address.

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You know the answer to that already, he said. So that will take up, you know, a lot of time. Are you having a good time? We'll let you untangle that web again really quick.