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Actually that is something I never bothered to learn or understand. When you are in fastboot mode of it says battery low, rsd may not recognize it because the phone is sort of hibernating. No, youtube er 2.3 create an account now. What's new New posts New resources New profile posts Latest activity.

Looks like this is going to be a nail biter here. It sounds dumb but sometimes I would have to do that a couple of times before it would recognize the phone.

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Rsd lite will not recognize droid x

RSDLite on Windows 7x64 Problems and Solutions - Motorola Droid X

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Forums New posts Search forums. You can also root your phone to manually upgrade to new versions of Android. Why would you want to root your phone?

Rsd lite will not recognize droid x

Gosh, I wonder if I just totally hosed my phone by trying this.

Rooting means you give yourself full administrative access to the coding that underlies how your phone works. Didn't mean to insult you by treating you like a noob. When my phone is in normal ops. My main goal is to get my razar to the. So I went into my computer and uninstalled motohelper and then went to the official Motorola site and downloaded it from there and it worked perfectly on the first try.

Well, so do other people, third parties. If that doesn't work, then unplug phone and plug it back in.

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Indeed, while the nice part of having an Android phone is the ability to mess with it quite a bit, it can be quite intimidating for the average user. Praying this is going to work here. Think of it as a program to help you program your phone.

Why would you want to do that? There are several guides and tutorial sites out there for how to root a phone, what software is out there to do so and then start modifying it, and the steps for using each. Search tags for this page. Justintoxicated Android Enthusiast.

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Like you said I had to change the length of the filename until I got the right length. When you root your phone, you can install these.

Sometimes when rsd does not see my phone at all, I leave the phone plugged in and just close rsd and open it again. Just like your computer might use Windows, your phone might use Android.

When you say that rsd does not recognize the phone when it is in fastboot mode, two things that might help. Or, remember how manufacturers mess with Android to customize it for their phones? Trying ot see how much money I can make selling my computer stuff that my wife doesn't now about so I might actually be able to surprise her this year. But not all Android phones are the same, because manufacturers like Motorola will alter the code themselves to customize it as they see fit, and add stuff on. Links to the sbf's or did I miss them?

RSD lite - Motorola SBF Files

Most non-Apple mobile devices are powered by Android, an operating system that is backed by Google and developed using open source code, meaning anyone can grab it and alter it for their own use. One popular version of this is ClockworkMod Recovery. Do you already have an account?

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Also, the other day when I was trying to rsd I was in the same boat as you with it not recognizing my phone, even though I have done it previously. Well, probably one of the most common reasons is hacking away bloatware. Armour You know you want to.