Roof tiles manufacturers in bangalore dating

Roof tiles manufacturers in bangalore dating

These are fired clay tiles. We are glad to contribute our share in supporting the growth of sustainable construction practise. Clay roof tiles are a natural and durable roofing product, which will enhance the aesthetic appearance of a roof.

Mangalore tiles, which is also known as Mangalorean tiles are a type of tiles native to the city of Mangalore, in India. Since then the industry flourished in India.

We look onward to your business and hope you would give us a chance to serve. Carefully chosen Terracotta products in the market, which adds a unique ambiance to any space. The Factory was called Basel Mission Tile Factory, and was the first ever tile factory in India, located on the banks of the Nethravathi river, at Jeppoo. Feroke Tile works, Malabar Tile Works were amongst the major clay roofing companies in this area. Ceramic glaze is applied on Clay tiles to give a smooth coloured finish to the tiles.

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We definitely recommend them. And also we have an unmatchable collection of Terracotta Imported Roof Tiles.

It was called Basel Mission tile factory, and was the first ever tile factory in India, located on the banks of the Nethravathi River, near Morgan's Gate. Bangalore Tile Company's Nuvocotto series has provided us with the perfect option to have a strong, sturdy, neat and maintenance free terracotta floor.

This paved the way for foreign companies to enter into the manufacturing of roof tiles in India. Making this outlet a one-stop shop for all Terracotta products.

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Contact us for further details. This can be used in interiors, exteriors, balcony and open terraces. The rivers from the Western Ghats after passing through forests carry the clay which was the raw-material for tiles, pottery and ceramic wares. Before that, clay tiles were made in India by potters. Pascal Albuquerque at South Canara.

There were more than a dozen tile factories only in Feroke. Later this company was taken over by Lafarge Roofing. During this time, a Bangalore based clay tile manufacturer produced cement tiles using extruder in a small scale. Plebot was a German missionary who established this factory.