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If the midth century John of Fordun can be believed, Greg had a better claim to the throne than King Aedh. The next day, the Battle of Lookout Mountain was fought, driving the Confederates off the mountain. Effects of the Influenza of on Chattanooga included having movie theaters and pool halls closed. Grant reinforced troops at Chattanooga and advanced to Orchard Knob against Confederate troops besieging the city.

Olgiati's efforts, Chattanooga became the first city in Tennessee to have a completed interstate system in the early s. However, the subsequent references to the two Irish kings in the same passage suggest that the Chronicle is referring to the son of Aedh King of Ireland.

After the war ended, the city became a major railroad hub and industrial and manufacturing center. The name of Aedh's wife is not known. The name of Kenneth's wife is not known.

After the war ended the

If these sources are being read correctly, Greg and Eochlaid ruled at the same time, presumably as rival kings probably over different parts of the country. Four of these are formally managed as local historic districts by the city.

His existence should be treated with caution. The name of Indulf's wife is not known. The suspicion is that his family relationship may have been fabricated by later Scottish chroniclers who were concerned with reinforcing the continuity in the male line of the Scottish succession. His name is not typical of the period. The city grew quickly, initially benefiting from a location well-suited for river commerce.

The name of Kenneth's wife isThe name of

Some accounts suggest it is a Cherokee modification of an earlier Yuchi word. Some secondary sources show Donald as the son of Aedh King of Scotland. The name of his wife is not known.

The name of Constantine's wife is not known. The precise relationship between the following family group and the main family of Scottish kings has not been determined, but the names suggest a close relationship. The name of Donald's wife is not known. The name of Culen's wife is not known. The Chickamauga Mound near the mouth of the Chickamauga Creek is the oldest remaining visible art in Chattanooga.