Resumen del Gobierno de Ricardo Alfonsín Historia Argentina

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Muchos funcionarios judiciales se negaron a actuar en el juicio, por miedo a eventuales represalias que pudieran tomar los militares en un eventual nuevo golpe de Estado. They were well aware of the deceit and disguise. The government's credibility was weakened, however, during the Falklands War with Britain in which more than Argentine soldiers died. But a fresh probe finds no evidence of an Iran connection.

Grasset himself arrived in to take charge of the Argentine branch. Each night one or two of them were taken to the big house for a bath, along dark earthen paths, their way lit by torches. No doubt, thousands of others have striven with their deeds for similar recognition.

The victims were shot and buried in unmarked graves, or sedated and hurled alive from airplanes over the south Atlantic. The case has been brought by several families who blamed General Videla for the death of their relatives in the covert operation. Como nadie hablaba, unos oficiales empezaron a castigar a los rendidos.

The baby was baptised by Von Wernich, as he himself admitted and as the baptism certificate shows. If any of them moved they were beaten. Its external walls were made of corrugated iron, and the gap between them and the wooden stilts had been filled in to accommodate them. He was locked up in Campo de Mayo, which coincidentally had been the military base where investigators believe Fontana had probably given birth.

The bus headed north, parallel to the River Plate. The priest, meanwhile, gave vague testimony that evaded the underlying question of his involvement. The idea originated in the French armed forces.

Plan Condor was a regional strategy, devised in the s, by six Latin American countries, to quash opposition to military governments. This explains the wide range of enemies he sought to define. Spanish law allows trials for crimes against humanity committed abroad. Un clima distinto animaba a la Plaza de Mayo. Por un lado, eliminar el cargo de Comandante en Jefe de cualquiera de las armas.

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Alan Iud, a lawyer for the Grandmothers group, says the Rei case is one of many that shows that the theft of babies was systematic. They named the boy Alejandro.

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As often happens in a continent that imports ideas, the doctrine of annihilation preceded that of the revolutionary uprising. Horacio Verbitsky is a leading Argentinean investigative journalist.

Argentina started its transition to democracy in with an October election called by Bignone. Es posible que me quieran dar por desaparecido. He also vowed to help defend the parents he had always known. The guards identified the vehicle and let them through.

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