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Dietrich in Abraxas Studien and MithrasliturgieReawakened by knowledge theAccording to Jonas Gnosticism is

Reawakened by knowledge, the divine element in humanity can return to its proper home in the transcendent spiritual realm. Christ, the divine spirit, inhabited the body of the man Jesus and did not die on the cross but ascended to the divine realm from which he had come.

Dietrich, in Abraxas Studien and Mithrasliturgie. The Sethians, for example, used Seth as their human figurehead, whereas the Ophites concentrated on the role of the serpent in giving knowledge. In this system the ultimate principle is good, and the task of the Gnostic thinkers is to explain how evil emerged from the singular principle of good.

For example, the Gnostics employ the concept of wisdom the goal of Greek philosophy in such a way that it is made the cause of all evil in the world. However unsatisfactory this definition may be, the obscurity, multiplicity, and wild confusion of Gnostic systems will hardly allow of another.

Hermetic literature thus

Hermetic literature thus raises the problem of Gnostic origins. According to Jonas, Gnosticism is a general religious phenomenon of the hellenistic world and is the product of the fusion or Greek culture and Oriental religion. The Paraphrase of Shem seems to reflect a Jewish Gnostic perspective. They also rejected other literal and traditional interpretations of the Gospels.

They also rejected other literal andChrist the divine spirit inhabited

The Gnostics thus rejected the atoning suffering and death of Christ and the resurrection of the body. In this pattern light and darkness, the two primal principles or deities, are locked in a decisive struggle.

The Paraphrase of Shem seems