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Dauntless, Erudite, Amity, Abnegation, Candor. Classic British sitcom The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin has Reggie trying to choose a new name after running away from the rat race. Discussed with his first choice of surname.

Done on both versions of Cupid for the title character's human alias, both were taken from the marble quote behind the judges during his court hearing. This prompts a beautiful Spit Take from Natalie, because Harold might not be aware at this point that he did correctly guess the name. The rival then says her name is Peace. The Boxtrolls get their names from whatever words and images are depicted on their box, leading to names like Fish, Shoe, Fragile, and Knickers.

Alternately, some people prefer Twitlighters. An assassin is sent to kill a man called Warne, but due to a pass card mix-up, he closes in on the wrong man. Next time you are asked for your name, think up a nice one, don't just read one off an advertisement calendar on the wall. And Tolkien language nerds use Tolkiendil pl. In Cold Wind, a woman needs a spur-of-the-moment alias.

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The corporal who recruits Death doesn't know his own name, but thinks it might be written on the label of his uniform. Divergent has an interesting case in which the fans refer to themselves by whichever faction in the books they identify themselves with. The problem is, he initially thought cars were the dominant life form on Earth the Ford Prefect is a British automobile. Team Jacob and Team Edward, regarding shipping.

And unusually, the man she was running from actually manages to reconstruct her thought process, and finds her under her new name. In I Know Your Secret Harry decides to name a charitable corporation he's made up on the spot Fairytale after glancing at a book of wizarding fairy tales in Dumbledore's office. That being said, most Fayzians are members of Gaiaphage, so the terms overlap a lot. The Clone Wars used to call him.

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Then, he sees a raven on a tree and decides to call himself Raffen. Lilly calls him out on it. All of The Wombles are named after places. At one point Eric makes up a fake fraternity so that he can have a fraternity party. It's later called out by a bartender.

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He stammers over coming up with a name for a fictitious guy for her roommate. He chooses Liz Anya after seeing a plate of lasagna. Harold asks for the name of Monk's new therapist.

Ross picked her new surname from a refrigerated van she saw overturned in a ditch. In the Japanese film Welcome Back Mr. The Yucatan Peninsula is another place that supposedly got its name this way. McDonald, when the live production of a radio play goes off the rails, one of the actors is forced to come up with an American name on the spot.