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There are the simulation settings which allow you to control the realism of the physics simulation. Lutut setiap pembalap akan menyentuh aspal jalan yang panas denga kecepatan tinggi. Treknya dibuat sangat bagus menyerupai aslinya dengan berbagai icon dan gadis-gadis cantik menambah keunikan lainnya. The high performance machines are specially made for the event, which is seen as the Formula One of the motorbike world. Once you learn how to set up for each turn and master the front and rear brakes, your lap times will drop dramatically.

Click here to download Make sure to have your Antivirus Disable, not doing so results into the game you are installing to crash and not open. Time Trial has players racing to break course records against an optional ghost image, and Challenge involves clearing specific tasks on the different courses. The tweaks are slight, but not a whole lot needed fixing. But don't even think about playing this game unless you're willing to bulldoze its steep learning curve. Arcade mode is a single race against a field of computer opponents, while Vs.

Apply crack if any To play the game, run as administrator from game exe file Have fun and enjoy. Terima kasih telah berkunjung di Blog sederhana ini, kunjungi terus Blog ini dan dapatkan game dan software menarik lainnya yang tentunya full version dan gratis.

Setiap motor memiliki berbagai statistik dan karakteristik yang bisa dirasakan saat bermain sebagi seorang pembalap. They finally added a bike set-up option, which allows you to tweak things like gear ratios, tyre compounds, suspension, etc. So, if you like motorcycle racing games, download it!

So, in Career Mode, you'll distribute attribute points into skills such as cornering, braking, acceleration, and top speed to personalize your bike's performance. Browse games Game Portals.

Download MotoGP 2

Your own team, to me it good customzation of your team bikes and driver. Extract file dengan winrar download winra r di sini.

Selesai, vnc software windows 7 silahkan jalankan gamenya. New bikes become available as the game progresses.

You can still win races with the road course bikes, but winning in the dirt bike races is pretty much impossible. This game is damn serious about the sport of superbike racing.

Motogp 2 Game

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Mechanics are awesome, the controls for someone who just got into this type of game is a bit difficult. Follow us on Facebook Follow alfygame. Instead, this game offers a mix of arcade fun and simulation realism. It's like playing Ridge Racer without the powersliding. In fact, the handling is so dead-on that gamers who're used to racing on four wheels will likely find the learning curve here a tad steep.

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It took me hours upon hours of nonstop playing just to win the first race in Season mode. It doesn't matter how many times you crash, your bike is indestructible and you are immortal. You will actually feel like you are racing for your career, as the career mode is very realistic and not so easy.

Play Now Download the full version. You can choose from different motorcycles which play differently, and there is a track editor as well. For example, players might have to overtake a certain number of bikes in the first lap.

Three medals are earned based on time, difficulty, or number of laps. Season mode is the heart of the game, where players will be able to join a racing team and earn points by competing in each of the ten circuits. Dengan tampilan grafis yang keren dan halus ditambah dengan sound yang mantap membuat game ini semakin asyik saat dimainkan.

Ditambah dengan mode pelatihan paling mendalam dalam permainan apa pun yang pernah ada, ini mengajarkan keterampilan seperti berputar derajat, menikung dengan lincah, powersliding, dan hal lain. What won't satisfy any gamer is the evil learning curve. Realisme mungkin akan sulit tapi ketika Anda mengendalikan motor Anda dan mulai menjadi ahli dalam permainan ini, ini sangat menyenangkan. Other challenges consist of beating a course's qualification time or finishing first in a circuit.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Anda akan memacu kencang kendaraan Anda di sekitar belokan dan tikungan dengan hanya beberapa inci dari tanah.

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Sepeda motor sebagai sebuah isi permainan dimodelkan dengan banyak poligon, rebound dan dengan sebenarnya seperti nyata. You really need to woah it down going into the turns, and not jam on the gas too quickly for fear of having the rear wheel jump out on you. Sebuah penerus yang pantas untuk seri pendahulunya yang dengan berbagai macam kekuatan baru. Mohon maaf jika ada komentar yang terpaksa dihapus oleh Admin. Sadly the damage model still doesn't exist in any classical sense of the word, as your bike simply gets replaced after a crash, and you can continue the race with several seconds of delay.