Matchmaking heroes and generals

Matchmaking heroes and generals

It is adviced to use machine guns or sub-machine guns if you are planning to defend the objectives from inside. Use any mean of transport to go around that defense to either get to the next capture point from behind or weaken their defense by taking out soldiers and vehicles tanks, etc.

Due to the enemies defending

For more information about maps look here. You do not get a lot of experience for killing soldiers outside of a capture zone but it does help you leveling up your gun and unlocking new guns.

Weapons like Anti-Tank rocket launchers and certain Anti-Tank grenades can only penetrate certain milimeters thick armor. In short, having map awareness and a capture-oriented load-out allows you to advance along capture lines much more efficiently, hopefully leading to a victory. Due to the enemies defending capture zones, they will have better cover advantages over you, so grenades are good ways to flush the enemy out from covers. Each tank has its own weakspots, try to get to know them and shot at their weakspots.

Weapons like AntiTank rocket launchers and

So it is extremely easy to get flanked up close by infantry. If all conditions are met, you'll be able to join the battle. So it is not wise to throw them into an objective while it is being contested by friendly soldiers. Use this to see where you are in relation to the objectives.

Anti-tank mines are best being used for defensive purpose. However, if there are an equal amount of allies and enemies inside the capture point, the counter will stop - it will remain at its current status. These weapons are ideal for close quarter combat. The symbols are also explained in the top part of the map.

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