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They've totally rejected her, but in a way, she's desperately trying to mimic their lives. The below Blu-ray captures were taken directly from the Blu-ray disc. Agatha visits her mother, Cristina, to make amends. Oh Soo is an orphan who is left heartbroken later in life after his first love passes away and comes to lead a goal-less life as a high stakes gambler.

This Blu-ray probably looks like exactly the theatrical version of the film Maps to the Stars. In order to commit suicide, they take an extreme amount of Agatha's pills together, before lying down to watch the stars. Agatha has severe burns to her face and body, rakion chaos force latino dating and takes a copious amount of medication. From then on her life took a turn for the worse and Sul was almost certain it was all Yoo Jung's doing. The Weiss family are an archetypical Hollywood dynasty - Dr Stafford Weiss John Cusack is a psychotherapist whose self-help books have made him a fortune.

Agatha beats Havana to death with one of her awards. Meanwhile, determined to start over after being released from a psychiatric hospital, burn-scarred Agatha Weiss Mia Wasikowska arrives in L.

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Using Havana's role in Stolen Waters to gain access to the production lot, Agatha visits Benjie on set. She is someone who lives completely isolated in this make-believe world.

Havana enters the house and berates Agatha for her poor performance at work and then verbally humiliates her when she finds that the girl has stained her expensive couch with menstrual blood. Agatha continues to see Jerome, and a romance forms, though Jerome appears resistant at first.

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Subsequently adrift in a world of excess and artifice, Agatha seeks the one thing that could still give her life true meaning - redemption. It's pristinely clean showcasing some hi-def detail and there is no noise or any distractions to the P crispness. Benjie and his mother, Cristina, negotiate a role for Benjie in a film as his comeback after drug rehabilitation. Stafford exploits people's emotions and takes advantage of them.

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It seems devoid of imperfections of any kind. And, specifically, of a woman's place in Hollywood. Havana requests Jerome as a driver and seduces him in the backseat of his parked limo in the driveway of her home, as Agatha watches from the window. Stafford learns through Havana that Agatha has returned to L. Havana's agent struggles to get Havana a role in a remake of her mother's film Stolen Waters.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal This drama is set in Sungkyunkwan University during the Joseon era, revolving around the exploits and love stories of four youths.

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As a major motion picture about her celebrated mother Clarice Sarah Gadon goes into production, Havana comes undone by the realization that she may never emerge from her mother's formidable shadow. Benjie goes home, finds his father in a catatonic state and steals his ring.

During the altercation, Agatha steals Cristina's wedding ring. Main cast Julianne Moore as Havana Segrand A famous but aging and fading actress, living in the shadow of her legendary movie-star mother and feeling abused by her. Everyone there seems already dead or well on their way, which means those who actually do die in the movie might be the lucky ones. Stafford comes home, and when Agatha tells him she knows about their familial relations, Stafford violently beats her, until Cristina intervenes.

She operates in a world where someone could be the nastiest person on earth and make your life hell, but you might still want them in your movie because they'll make you money. Stafford returns home to see Cristina on fire outside near the pool.

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