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Mandating vaccines for adults, abbreviations for Vaccines

This month, federal health officials are rolling out a national adult immunization plan that contains a new Mandatory Adult Vaccination and Electronic Tracking Program. Like all freedom killing mandates, they never draw a clear line. Like I said before, each tyrannical mandate begets another. Laws like these are forging a burden of responsibility that is collectively shared by everyone.

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You can see what this is leading to right? Should I be forced receive a flu shot every year, just because I have the gall to step out of my house?

Mandatory vaccines for adults? Leave it to California ยป Intellihub

Arizona exercise based on post-quake exodus from California But does anyone really believe that it will end there?

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Will California soon become a medical police state? But does anyone really believe that it will end there? Is California becoming a medical police state?

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Abbreviations for Vaccines

Joseph Mercola, the article reported that the U. Because the bill would extend the application of a crime under the act, the bill would impose a state-mandated local program. Each one begets another until all freedoms are lost. Every bill sets a new precedent.

And if they pull it off there, legislators in other states will try to see if they can use the sheepish tyranny of majority rule to force vaccines on their citizens as well. Public health officials will be monitoring Twitter and Facebook posts for anti-vaccine chatter that may indicate non-compliance with federal vaccine recommendations and state vaccine mandates. The slippery slope never looked so slick. The bill would specify circumstances under which a person would be exempt from the immunization requirement, based on medical safety and current immunity, online rpg dating games for girls as specified. The bill would make conforming changes to provisions that set forth qualifications for day care center teachers and applicants for licensure as a family day care center.

Mandatory vaccines for adults? Leave it to California