Leslye Hedland talks Sleeping with Other People

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The script is not without its merits. Jake and Lainey wind up meeting again at a sex-addicts-anonymous meeting complete with an admittedly funny cameo from Billy Eichner and pick up their relationship, albeit in a friendly way.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming feeling of been-there-done-that remains throughout the rest of its runtime. The week's best photojournalism Daily business briefing There was a time, not so long ago, when the box office was practically overrun by romantic comedies.

Nancy, for reasons too contrived to explain, plays along. Sleeping with Other People opens, like countless rom-coms before it, with a meet-cute. Some of it is normal, some of it is sexually frank, but all of it is entertaining. At the screening I attended, screenwriter Tess Morris introduced the film with a jokey warning that Man Up was, in fact, a romantic comedy, and proud of it. The best part of Sleeping with Other People sadly arrives during its closing credits.

The script is not without

However, the film itself is refreshingly situation-free. Despite obvious sexual tension, Lainey and Jake quickly strike up a new friendship, dating other people while saving real emotional intimacy for each other. To be fair, if we could have followed around the actual lead characters played by Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie under similar circumstances, the same could be said. She has a strong following in the U. Their idea of being on a date seems to involve really vile stuff people send on dating apps.

Nancy for reasons too contrived

It is being reprinted in a movie tie-in edition by St. And in good news for rom-com fans, both have already been picked up for wider distribution later this year. This marks the first time either one of them has had sex.

Jake and Lainey