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Gods, Glamour, and Gossip. During their college years, Anjali was in love with her best-friend Rahul, but he had eyes only for Tina. Theatrical release poster. Naina instead reveals that she is in love with Aman. An Indian Muslim man with Asperger's syndrome takes a challenge to speak to the President of the United States seriously and embarks on a cross-country journey.

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Shah Rukh Khan as Aman Mathur. They are constantly on the move. Jha that he tried to complete the film in Toronto believing it would be a good substitute for New York City to avoid budget problems, but felt that the idea was unoriginal and would not work out.

Live for today because you never know what's in store tomorrow. Kal ho naa ho full movie - youtube - The latest episode of guddan tumse na ho payega starts with holi celebrations in full swing.

Aman leaves the hospital and meets a frustrated Rohit, who asks why he and not Aman should marry Naina. Dharma Productions Motion picture in Hindi.

So he intends upon setting her up with her best pal Rohit Saif Ali Khan. Shoma Anand as Lajjo Kapur's sister.

When he heard it, Mendonsa came up with the tune and recorded it on his phone. Naina forgives Aman and Rohit. Some reviewers and scholars have said that Kal Ho Naa Ho has indirect homosexual themes. Kal Ho Naa Ho is filled with these ridiculously convenient plots twists, obviously manipulative emotional moments and problematic gender politics.

Years later, Rahul and the now-deceased Tina's eight-year-old daughter attempts to reunite her father and Anjali. Preity Zinta as Naina Catherine Kapur. An army major goes undercover as a college student. Her father had committed suicide years ago which left a deep impact on her heart.

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Kal Ho Naa Ho

Kal Ho Naa Ho

This film was my introduction to Indian cinema. Aman makes Rohit promise that, although Naina is his in this lifetime, Aman will get her in the next. The story is about a serious girl Naina who's life changes when a new neighbor moves in. And what a film to start my love for Indian films with. And who knows maybe it could be your new favorite Indian film.

Priya tells Aman about what happened. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Neetu Singh was approached for the role of Naina's mother, Jennifer, but she turned it down. Reema Lagoo as Aman's Mother. But Aman has a secret of his own which changes their lives forever.

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Naina encounters Priya, whom she recognises as Aman's wife, while she is shopping with Rohit. We are just trying to hide our age from the Guju community. Kamini Khanna as Lajjo Kapur's sister. Just like Naina these chains of event changed me as well.

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Aman takes out Rohit's diary and confesses his feelings for Naina, saying that they are Rohit's. Lajjo and Jennifer argue about Gia, who calls on Aman for help. In Viswamohan, Aysha Iqbal ed. Conversely, in Kal Ho Naa Ho the tradition of love-cum-arranged marriage is encouraged.

He hatches a plan to transform Naina and Rohit's bond, and their friendship blossoms into love. Shaken, Rohit calls Aman to tell him what happened.

Politics of Global Reception and Awards. What's on Joshua Jackson's Watchlist? Naina goes to Aman's house and is shocked to see a wedding photograph of Aman and his wife, Priya. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Jaya Bachchan as Jennifer Kapur.

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Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Although she appreciated its technical aspects, she criticised the film's first half and its sub-plots.

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Hip, unrestrained, and silly all at once, Kal Ho Naa Ho is an example of earnest, unfettered exuberance. Unable to deal with the guilt, Jennifer's husband committed suicide. They are joined by her daughter Rhea and Rohit, who tells Naina that he loves her as they embrace.

Kal Ho Na Ho Full Movie

Her life is dull and shadowed by her father's loss until Aman Mathur and his family move in next door. And you can be extremely lonely. After marrying a poor woman, rich Rahul is disowned by his father and moves to London to build a new life. It has technical pizzazz and an urbane wit despite snags like sub-plots with pat endings. International Indian Film Academy.

Sulabha Arya as Kanta Bhen. Ketki Dave as Rohit's Mother. Bollywood portal s portal. Embroiled in all this is Rohit, Naina's best friend who conceals his love for her.

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Rani Mukerji as Special Appearance. Rohit also falls in love with Naina, and asks Aman's help in expressing his feelings.

Kal Ho Na Ho Full Movie

According to Kumar, Rohit and Naina's marriage symbolises the unity of the people of Punjab and Gujarat. Lajjo is hostile to Jennifer and Gia as she believes that Gia's adoption led her son Jennifer's husband to commit suicide.