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The program is a live-anchored all-news radio station offering news, sports, entertainment and social media discussion in fifteen-minute blocks. Most of the Headline News affiliates became talk-radio stations, with a handful of daytime-only stations keeping the feed. The programs are broadcast on terrestrial radio stations in the U.

The station met with success amongst an audience in the capital city then riveted to news of the Vietnam War and of the assassinations of President John F.

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Michaels gave up on the format after approximately one year and changed formats on both the New York and Chicago stations to music formats, later selling the stations off to other parties. The stations draws heavily from the newsgathering resources of Fox News Radio's two terrestrial radio networks. Many smaller affiliates, however, preferred Headline News audio which was more suited to turn-key or unattended, automated operation.

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In Tunein carried a deal with Newsy to air an all-news radio channel for that app. News and talk radio stations Many all-news stations only operate as such during the daytime, or may preempt news with live sports coverage.

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The call letters reflected the word facts. However, this experiment proved unsuccessful. All-news has for years been a top-rated radio format in New York, Washington, D.