Jaguar X Type Workshop Manual

Install the cabin air filter housing. Move column upwards to release it from pinion shaft. Attach the strut and spring assembly. When removing the seat, be careful when setting on floor not to drop.

Discard the retaining nut. Position control arm to engage ball joint taper in vertical link. Lift upper control arm to withdraw ball joint from vertical link. Install a caster adjustment cam bolt and a new lock nut.

Jaguar x Type Workshop Manual

Install nut securing upper ball joint to vertical link and tighten to ft. Operate press to install bearing, applying a three-ton load to ensure that the bearing is fully seated.

Install wheel speed sensor. Do not use a replacement airbag that is not in the original packaging. If sat on and damaged, the sensor may be inoperative, could result in occupant injury, or possibly death. Slacken the tool adjuster to suit spring length. Temporarily fit fulcrum shaft.

Rotate tool stem to release dowel from turret. Connect wheel speed sensor harness. Position spring pan on lower control arm.

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Thank you for visiting OnlyManuals. This manual is compatible with Windows. Do not use special tool in the following procedure as this will damage the ball joint boot. Attach the stabilizer bar link. Not Available - Supercharged All measurements are given in inches.

Install the upper arm-to-knuckle ball stud retaining nut. Locate the special tool in the suspension turret slot.

Raise and support the vehicle. Position the vertical link so that inboard side of the bearing bore is resting on suitable supports on the press-bed. Make sure the upper arm retaining bolt locating tangs are correctly located. Install special tool on ball joint.

Jaguar x Type Workshop Manual

Position harness and secure with tie clips. Do not loosen the rotor nut to engage the spring clip. Position the vertical link on the tool, with the inboard-side face down. Make sure the road wheels are in the straight ahead position.

Vehicles without adaptive damping, install a new retaining nut. Detach and reposition the water control valve and mounting bracket.

Jaguar x Type Workshop Manual Refine results. Using special tools, wedding background video effects press bearing into wheel knuckle-X-Type Fig. Change special tool to X-Type Fig.

Detach the headlamp leveling sensor retaining clip. Insert the spring assister fully into the boot.

Raise vehicle further to provide access for Special Tool and support on stands. Install spring pan to control arm securing bolts. The cam must be seated between the cam guides on the No. Water pump using a new gasket and O-ring.

Jaguar x Type Workshop ManualJaguar X Type Workshop manual.. for download whole CD

Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions section. Install steering rack on crossbeam. Tighten bolt of special tool to release ball joint taper from vertical link. Connect harness to transducer.

Also make sure the stud with the paint spot on the strut top mount is located in the inner most fixing. Will work on all windows and Mac.

Jaguar X-Type Workshop Manual PDF

Ensure spring lower seat is correctly positioned in spring pan. Detach the parking brake cable.

Jaguar x Type Workshop Manual

Place special tool on press bed. Slide wheel hub over the guide and align to the bearing. Install ball joint in control arm. Rotate eccentric bolt to align large graduation with mark made during removal.

Operate press to install the hub, applying a three-ton load to ensure hub is fully seated in bearing. This may result in improper deployment, personal injury, or death. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions in the beginning of this section.