Smart Playlist with Live Updating

Itunes 11 live updating smart playlist

Just drag If you leave the Playlists tab and return to Songs, Albums or Artists, you can no longer see your playlists. Like my previous troubleshooting articles I hope this post will be quickly updated when Apple roles out a fix. Now sync your playlist with your phone.

But the list of Playlists on the left has gone. This brings back a lot of the old stuff, but it's messy compared with the new clean look. Then you can choose that, and drag and drop anything to playlists, just like the old way.

With the latest version of iTunes, occasionally this automatic updating stopped working. Today, Apple started offering their own tips on what to do when Smart Playlists are not syncing as expected. While is is a workaround it does allow for the playlist to be synced, auto updated and appear sorted as you wish on the iPhone.

This totally defeats the purpose of a playlist that automagically updates my iPhone with the last added, or top rated songs. Check to see if the issue is resolved. Sync the device with iTunes. But you can now see your entire collection leaving the Playlist tab cancels the playlist you were in. Smart Playlists are indicated by a special cogwheel icon in iTunes to distinguish them from regular playlists.

Smart Playlists are not Live Updating - Apple Community

Then you can choose that and

When syncing smart playlists, pay attention to which column you have the ordered the music by. Enter a name for the playlist. Syncing is not my problem, just that the synced playlist is just as stale as in iTunes.

Previously, you could simply show your whole collection, then drag individual or multiple songs to a playlist, even from outside iTunes. Finally, if none of the above resolves the issue, continue with the steps listed below. This tutorial shows you how to create Smart Playlists to get the most out of your music. We covered some of these improvements and offered a tip on relieving some of the problems people encountered with Smart Playlist syncing.

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Googling this issue has not brought any usable answer, most people seem to have a problem that the smart playlist in iTunes is not properly synced to their device. Joel S points out that this is not totally accurate. Some people never use playlists, we know, but if, like us, you have built a whole collection in carefully nested lists, you'll be wanting to keep them. Setup the sort order and arrange as desired.

If you want to limit the number of items in the playlist, check the Limit to box and enter the maximum number of items you want, as well as the method used to sort the playlist e. If this does not resolve the issue, continue with the following steps. There are other ways that can be used within the new interface. New updates that came out kinda fix this problem.

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