Htc mytouch 4g roms xdating

Htc mytouch 4g roms xdating

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The bootloader of the phone should be unlocked. Read the entire tutorial and only after that you should get to the first step and begin the install. Note that all these apps are working only with rooted phones. That should do it, now you have to enter your Google Account details and you are free to start testing your device and its new functions and features. Do not unzip the files in the archive.

Do not attempt to install it on any other Android smartphone or tablet, as it will simply not work and you might damage your device. Note that this guide is destined to be applied by advanced Android users. Now you need to connect your device to your computer. If you already have such backup then you should skip this step.

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Sync all your phone contacts with your Gmail account. Your device has to be rooted and running a custom recovery image i. Note that all these apps are working with rooted devices. Save the file on your desktop without extracting its archived files.

Take control over your phone and start testing all of its features. To backup the stored phone numbers, you will need to use this guide here and learn how to sync them with your Gmail account. Confirm this action and when it is complete you should move to the next step.

This will save all the phone numbers that you have stored on your smartphone. This tutorial should be applied only by advanced Android users and not by beginners. This will protect the files against any possible data corruption.

These are all the instructions that you had to take into consideration before moving to the tutorial guide. After the transfer is complete you should disconnect the phone and then switch it off. Do not skip any steps that I have listed in the tutorial below. When the data is deleted successfully you should move to the next step. Brandon i followed all the steps and installed gingerbread, now i cant get to my market or any other of my apps, i can see them when i go to my file manager but can not open them to use them.

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