How to Beat Being a Lonely Truck Driver on the Road

How to deal with dating a truck driver

Use your driving time to think

If she doesn't posses at least most of those characteristics she may not be the type of person that would make a good spouse to a truck driver. You have to keep your pet hydrated, fed, and entertained while on the road. You are going to suffer if you deal with a partner that is. It takes a special spouse to make a good companion for a truck driver.

If these are problem areas you may have more problems if you decide to become a truck driver before addressing those issues. Use your driving time to think about what you want to accomplish at home and how you want to spend your time. This may mean more frequent stops for bathroom breaks, nightly walks and exercise, and parking your truck at truck stops with pet food and amenities. If each person is honest and let the other know what type of relationship they want to establish things could be very manageable. After that year you know what to expect of the trucking lifestyle and can communicate that better to someone you care about.

Look Forward to Home Time If you go on long hauls, you likely get one or two weeks of home time per month. Well, if your spouse does not posses those characteristics then she may start doubting you on the road. On the I Bridge in Louisiana for some strange reason the phone drop calls also on the Sprint network. The key to dating as a trucker is being up front and letting your intentions be know from the start.

Take a look into the mirror and evaluate what you genuinely can bring to the table in a relationship. This may mean investing in a smartphone that gives you access to social media and video chat. Dating Information Dating is less of a problem theoretically because it assumes that the relationship is more casual. But wait, you too have to be understanding to to see it from her point of view. But like all jobs, with the benefits of truck driving, you also have to deal with the downsides of this industry.

The unpredictability in the first year for a new driver makes it even worse and many drivers will get stressed. Your first year is with a company that is likely to keep you out for a month at a time. Of, course that would also mean that the other person should be up front and straight forward from the start also.

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