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Maybe because it was my first? Armed with metal wire and tin foil from the local hardware shop, but no knowledge of cars, we managed as good a botch job as any. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it we never really got to test it out, as the head gasket blew out the next week. So go fall in love with someone and sleep together in a van on a smaller than a twin size bed!

Hazel Findlay is currently recovering from shoulder surgery. And who is this Alex Honnold guy? Alex was right and the climbing didn't disappoint. If you ask me whether the wall lived up to expectations, I'd say nearly and if you ask Alex, dating sites on blackberry app world he'd say no. He invited Alex to dinner and asked him if he wanted to be involved in a film project that highlighted the route climbing of South Africa.

If Alex liked the place then it probably meant it was good, since Alex is one of the most well travelled climbers I know, and the pickiest. Of course it's up to the local climbers to decide what to do with the wall, but as it stands not many new routes can go up without a few bolts. Most of it is sandstone or granite. All I had was my social anxiety and a beer. What the hell is a gri-gri?

The other girls were all really tall, but they didn't seem particularly good at committing to the jump, nor getting their pace right. But it is an amazing route that just about works and in full mist and freezing conditions it felt like a full adventure.

Everything has its own place and its own story. Obviously I am not built for long jump either having exceedingly short legs, but the girl who was meant to do it fell ill and I had to step in. We thought we were in Idaho, but we were actually already back in our home state. We started off at Table Mountain, which overlooks the city and is a right tourist trap.

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The harder free routes have a spattering of bolts, and my feeling is that this approach works. Since then I made it my mission to learn how to crack climb.

This coupled with the world-class bouldering if you're in to it in Rocklands, crazy wildlife and cheap living costs make South Africa a top notch climbing destination. Whether you'll like Blouberg or not really depends on what sort of climber you are. The last two weeks of our trip were based here and we had a great time. She was a literal blank slate full of possibilities, and the empty walls pretty obviously marked the beginning of a new chapter for Justin. Alex readily agreed and the ball started rolling.

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Such a diverse culture, it was a totally different experience for me. Back then, and still now, my Dad is dedicated to an onsight trad ethic. Go on adventures and create stories! It seemed so hot that we tried to blame Alex's double cam-popping incident on the slimy conditions. And then there was the exhaust.

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This is a m wall an hour outside Cape Town lucky bastards and has amazing clean crimpy yellow rock. Blouberg means blue mountain in Afrikaans, but there isn't much blue about this mountain apart from the sky above it. What did you think of the culture and climbing scene there? How they stole my heart Hi! James Mchaffie, a good friend of mine, and an even better climber, says that climbing by the sea feels good for the soul.

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Not sure, but either way it has some of the best climbing I've done on a trad line and eats up gear for the most part. This wreck of a car was primarily my transport and secondly my home, but in years to come perhaps she will represent more than that. Kind of a small town scene, where everybody knows each other. The boot decided not to open after I crashed her into a tree in Spain.

Now for a week of sleep and then a crash course in patience. Watching her get towed away by the local French scrappy was a sad day indeed. Later in life I learnt to shake off this competitiveness, as I felt that competition never improved my climbing nor made me happy. In fact its most characteristic feature is that it's mostly orange. It's historically a traditional wall and there has been a lot of controversy regarding the addition of the line we did New Born.

Most of the rock is really good. It's not the most aesthetically pleasing place to climb but has some fun routes.

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If you had to pick a favorite climbing area there, what would it be? Robert put together some really fun rest day activities.

People would look in horror, or humour each time I got out a piece of wire instead of the key. Super fun, nice sandstone. The ignition barrel went at some point, so essentially I had to hot wire her every time I wanted to start the engine. That weekend was the first time I used the poo shovel, the first time I met the group of people I now call some of my closest friends, and the first time Justin told me he loved me. How many climbing trips have you been on to Africa?

Big Walling at Yellowwood Amphitheatre We rounded the trip off with a visit to Yellowwood Amphitheatre, which probably turned out to be my favourite place. So much has happened since then.

We were in Holcomb Valley, which is a local-ish sport climbing crag scene out in the San Bernardino mountains, near Big Bear. During our last trip through a few different states, we were walking back to Frieda after a hike when we both noted how strange it was to see so many California license plates in the parking lot. Everyone said that this was South Africa's shining gem, the unsung secret of South African climbing. Super featured, like Hueco-like, pretty varied depending on where you are. Perhaps she'll represent the life of a climber on the road with minimal baggage, maximum freedom, but also with an epic round every corner.

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This is a trip report about Alex and I on a route climbing tour of South Africa. Table Mountain was no exception and we started our first day in high spirits by warming up on the Jeopardy Wall, which has most of the harder routes. The route wanders so much and is so hard to read that it has never been climbed without the first ascentionist Snort present to show the way.

The only thing to be put off by is the crime over there, which is pretty bad, but if you're careful it's mostly avoidable. Just recently my first car died. Crimps, jugs, monos, dynos, gaston, mantle? Needless to say, we have a pretty specific sleeping situation that is very reminiscent of Tetris. With care the local climbers can retain the adventure of the wall with a few bolts in the places where the gear runs out and with this ethic, Blouberg has room for some harder lines.