Haruka und der zauberspiegel online dating

Haruka und der zauberspiegel online dating

They crash into the

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At a theater area where they project the memories of neglected things. As she grew older, she forgot about the mirror and eventually lost it. She follows the creature into the woods, and comes across a small pool with one of the eggs offered at the shrine.

Teo snatches the mirror as the Baron falls and the airship crashes and is destroyed. After asking several vendors, Haruka discovers that the mirror has magical powers, and it was kept by the Baron, the leader of the land who hovers in an airship, but that it was stolen.

The Baron activates a bunch of robots using the power of the mirror to grab Haruka, but she falls off the airship, and hangs by a banner. One day, she decides to go to a local shrine and pray to Inari for the hand mirror to be returned to her. Teo and Haruka climb the inside and the array of the other mirrors to try to get the hand mirror. With Haruka in disguise, the two board a tram cart to the main town on Oblivion Island.

Haruka dives after Cotton and falls, but Teo rescues her in the plane.

Although they escape the underground area, the Baron arrives to seize the mirror and to abduct Haruka. They crash into the airship. At Teo's place, Haruka learns Teo wants to build a real airplane. The Baron tries to stop them, but Haruka grabs the mirror and it activates.

Cotton rallies the petit-loss to raid the airship, and Haruka breaks free. It falls onto a tunnel track but they reverse it in time to get out. Teo tells the townsfolk that humans are actually good.

At Teo's place Haruka

Teo is left with a pile of stamp cards but he is upset about his choice to betray his friend. Cotton attacks the Baron but he rips Cotton in two and tosses it.

Haruka, Teo and Cotton head into the lair of the Petitloss. The Baron's airship attacks the plane. Later, Teo sends off Haruka and Cotton through the portal, where she returns to the temple and calls her dad to meet him for dinner. The Baron chases them out of the mirror but accidentally damages the airship, causing all his mirrors to fly around.

Although they escape

When the bullies bust in with a large ostrich-like contraption, Haruka grabs Cotton and they escape. He gives away his stamp cards, and the townsfolk build him a plane, which he flies. She dips her hand into it but is sucked through the pool and lands in a cart with the creature.

The Baron is reduced to a mask-less creature and flees. They soon find themselves attacked by Petitloss and a large Petitloss creature. Haruka agrees to give him her keychain if he can help her find the mirror.