Uzbekistan jails ex-president's daughter Gulnara Karimova

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He doesn't know what he's talking about. Gulnara hit back accusing her sister of engaging in sorcery.

His daughter's rise and fall is the symbol of his rule, now drawing to its close, which has seen a tiny elite make untold wealth while the majority live in poverty. Now the Uzbek Prosecutor has said Ms Karimova and her associates were found guilty in August of stealing hundreds of millions of pounds. Former British ambassador Craig Murray, who saw the Karimov regime up close, and knew Gulnara, told of the torture that was endemic in the country. He is a truly decent successor of my Father. She was prevented from attending her autocrat father's funeral in Samarkand in September - and her friends were said to have become increasingly concerned over her fate.

At the moment it is too early to make any predictions about his future health. It was at a party for the country's Olympic stars on Friday night that the geriatric leader evidently enthusiastically joined in the vodka toasts.

The demise of Karimov, who is notorious for boiling his enemies, could plunge the repressive central Asian state into chaos with no visible blueprint for a succession in place. The seemingly innocuous images reportedly provoked discomfort in her homeland where her father's hardline secular government is tussling with conservative strains of Islam. At night, while returning to the residence, some bodyguards noticed that he was crying. Getty Images Earlier, she asked for forgiveness for her gargantuan corruption, if the Twitter is to be believed.

Power broke our friendship. The mood was of disgust of the latest revelations. Oh, and loving mother of two.

We got the information about a week ago and all this time we tried to cross check and verify it. The incandescent president hurled an ashtray and mobile phone across his desk at his intelligence boss, but also summoned his eldest daughter and slapped her in the face, it was reported. However, the extraordinary claim comes amid a presidential campaign and the rumours could be seen as a dirty trick to embarrass the authorities.

Some accounts suggest he lost consciousness during the dinner, others that he was taken ill early next morning. The sensational claims regarding billionaire Gulnara Karimova emerged from authoritarian Uzbekistan today. In the first official statement on her current status, the Prosecutor-General's Office said that in she was handed a five-year non-custodial sentence.

Swiss prosecutors reportedly questioned her in Tashkent in December, quashing rumours of her possible death. Recent weeks have seen Twitter accounts suddenly become active purporting to be from Gulnara. Despite her highly toned body and fashion sense, Gulnara is different.

Uzbekistan confirms it holds ex-president's daughter in custody

The mood was of disgust

Despite damning evidence against her, Gulnara has not been hauled into court over the corruption allegations that surfaced, but nor has she reappeared, let alone been rehabilitated. Gulnara Karimova was put under house arrest by President Islam Karimov when he turned his wrath on her two years ago. She did not attend her father's funeral in September. He also said that he was concerned about her health.

Oh and loving mother ofPower broke our friendship