Good dance floors in bangalore dating

Good dance floors in bangalore dating

The bar menu has a range of interesting brew which drifts somewhere between experimental and predictable. It also tries the Black Scotsman and it is got Pipers, Kahlua, and cola, and it leaves you with quite a buzz. Gulp down a few Long Island Iced Teas and proceed to the dance floor to show off your dancing skills. The music played at the lounge varies between Bollywood, Hip-Hop, and Commercial.

Best Dance Floor Restaurants in Bangalore

The Biere Club

The seating arrangement is a mix of long benches, leather couches, and wooden chairs. Margaritas, Daiquiris, Martinis, and Mojitos will keep you busy, but if you are in the group, then try one of their community cocktails which are basically mean they are shareable. The Biere Club is constantly changes beer menu and vibrant mood, often finds itself sending people away from the door on weekends.

They also offer platters for sharing mezze, seafood, kebabs, chicken wings, etc. If not, start planning your weekends accordingly. The beers here rarely disappoint you. The Pizzas are popular too and it found a special affection for Toit special salad. The classic mojito is favorite here, but they are also made a decent green and orange tea mojito.

On a quick trip to the city, it will end up by getting a taste of the pub culture of the city with the few repeats and some first time thrown in and came away quite happy. They are also having a few cocktails inspired by the tropical flavors. There is a decent menu to complement your drinks, mixed fries of all kind and pub favorites such as kebabs, pizzas, and nachos. The seating is also extremely comfortable. Monkey Bar It is one of the most highly recommended places in the city.

They also have an open seating space by the pool at the rear end of the place. Happy Brew is also large-group-friendly and conducts sing-along sessions.

The crowd here is always lively and energetic, notwithstanding the kind of music played. The Toit is outstanding amongst other city-known microbreweries, Toit is extended crosswise over three floors and it has a fascinating scope of blends in its holder. From the Koramangala, Indiranagar to the central business district to even in the relatively distant location and there is a pub for everyone in this city. They have a full bar of course and I will recommend straight drinks than the cocktails. Monkey Bar has found its comfortable area in Indira nagar.

Church Street Social Church Street Social is not a small place, it is spread across the two floors with broad seating, and it continues to burst at the seams on weekends. The ambiance is literally the epitome of poise and sophistication. Toit No one can leave the Bengaluru without making one darshan of Toit.

To eat try fish and chips, roast chicken with mashed potatoes, nachos, the pulled pork Cuban cigars, and the burgers. It is more about the liquor and music here than the food, but brush the menu and you will find something to pop into your mouth between sips of beer. Since you eat something while you drink, the nachos are a good way to go. They also try to add the new things in the menu.

Margaritas Daiquiris Martinis and Mojitos will

Prost Brew Pub A neighborhood pub where you go to enjoy the beer and music, but Prost is more about its relaxed ambiance than the food.

The seating arrangement