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To be honest I can't figure out why this won't work for me. More and more applications are coming soon!

Get daily tips in your inbox. Long-pressing apps and widgets brings up a popup menu that lets you replace, rename, delete or in the case of widgets resize them. These range from prompts to purchase themes to advertisements for widgets. Swiping to the right lets you quickly adjust settings such as brightness, auto-rotate and Wi-Fi.

While we wish you could use gestures from inside apps rather than just on the desktop, this feature proved quite helpful when we wanted to open frequently used apps that weren't in our app dock. Swiping up and down brings up the lock screen and the desktop, respectively. The app drawer can be similarly customized. It's a totally free application on Android Market!

On the first image of your post, I see a calendar. Thread Deleted Email Thread. You can also adjust the font and size of icons. Many of the time-saving features of Toucher, such as the button to open the recent apps menu, duplicate features that have already been baked into Jelly Bean.

One of the most intriguing plugins is Toucher, a radial menu that expands from a tiny pointer on the edge of the display. Think of an extreme makeover to your phone? It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Can the Widgets be themed? Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.

The widget also serves as a shortcut to the official Facebook app. The launcher responded promptly to our input, and transitions between homescreens and in-app menus felt smooth. Also what do you have the Permissions set to on the file that you got to work. Android Software Development.

In addition, some of the widgets don't offer their full features unless you shell out some dough. Draw an L-shape on the desktop with your finger, for instance, and Gmail will automatically open. The pointer itself proved mildly intrusive on a homescreen full of app icons, but, thankfully, it can be dragged to any edge of the display. Switching from screen to screen was super choppy and would often freeze half way through the transition until I nudged it with my finger.

GO Launcher APK

This is a totally free application and we need directly call phone numbers permission to enable the direct dial shortcut on home screen. Most of the themes are quite cartoonish, featuring oversize icons and wallpapers that look like they were ripped straight from DeviantArt. Check that you changed the name file so it doesn't have any number on the apk's name.

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GO Weather & Clock Widget - Theme Wallpaper APK Download by GO Launcher EXGO Launcher EX

Indeed, the launcher embodies the open-source spirit of Android, with a large array of customizable options, themes, and unique widgets and plugins. Swiping left brings up quick launch icons for the dialer, messaging and Gmail, and other icons can be added or replaced. Also, I know this supports resizing and scrollable widgets, but any chance of allowing widget overlapping? When this has widget overlap and smooth muti pic, I'll be back!

We especially appreciated this last feature, as some launchers such as Nova Launcher only offer such functionality with their paid versions. Icons appear tiny in the app drawer, and although you can increase their size, they look distinctly fuzzy compared to the razor-sharp icons in Jelly Bean. It does not do so by default. Can you explain what you did to get this to work?

GO Weather & Clock Widget - Theme Wallpaper APK Download by GO Launcher EX

The only flaw with this incredibly useful widget is a tiny gift box icon in the upper right corner, which turns out to be a cleverly disguised advertisement. To set the automatic refresh interval, hold down on an empty space in the middle of the top bar, select Configure from the context menu that appears and Update interval from the screen that follows.

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We didn't notice any difference in speed when using the more advanced transitions, and you can manually adjust the transition speed in the launcher's menu. Multitouch gestures to access the launcher's core functions, four new transition effects and the ability to lock apps. The widget, like the launcher itself, is available for free on the Android Market. We will bring out some charged apps like themes and widgets, but most of our apps are free! Text in widgets looks similarly tiny, pc desktop leaving large swaths of the screen empty.

But if I remember correctly I think you need Appwidgetpicker in your system folder. Pressing in the center opens a settings menu, where you can change the Toucher theme, open the recent apps menu and adjust your preferences. Miscellaneous Android Development. Congrats on it taking off and thank you for all you provide this community.