Gigablast holographic gaming girl dating

Gigablast holographic gaming girl dating

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It was, by far, the most bizarre lap dance I've ever experienced. It's the same trick that's given life to dead celebrities like Elvis and Tupac and given increased visibility to living legends like Al Gore, Mariah Carey and even the prime minister of India. All I had to do was hit the show floor to see that the industry had evolved. It has seven times the number of attendees. The crown jewel, like some outsize precious stone, is an inverted, rotating glass pyramid that appears to have a tiny stripper trapped inside.

The microphone was meant to enable two-way communication but was useless due to the surrounding noise. That might come as a surprise for those who've followed porn's recent history. Once you have the video, just position your glass pyramid on top of your iPhone and press play. Lundeen knows you have to give people what they want. As we walked the halls, Rios hinted at the party that had happened there the night before.

Without having to use their imagination, they can be immersed in a totally custom and believable scenario in which they are at the center of their own sexual fantasy. In order to make your own porno Pepper's Ghost, you'll need to shoot your subject from four different angles. The people want live, frictionless tits.

She was like a small, soft-core stripper version of the Wizard of Oz on mute. Thomas Magee Anyway, I'd come to Vegas to find the future of porn, and while I was pretty sure this wasn't it, I was ready for my demo. This is the future of porn. CamSoda is a relatively new startup in an established and booming segment of adult entertainment focused on connecting users to entertainers through live video and chat. Video games that rely on interactive environments thrive on the Oculus and the price point is low enough that entry level gaming is very feasible.

They offered a new face of a business once stuck in a mirror image of mainstream media. Like tech giants Facebook and Twitter, the big names in porn are banking on live streaming video, and like the latest batch of social-media celebrities, there's no formula for a successful cam model. What they want right now is a connection unencumbered by creative camera angles, cheesy scripts and big-budget sets.

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It was everywhere, in the blue glow of a laptop screen. Before our interview ends, Lundeen tells me what's next for CamSoda labs.

And like their mainstream counterparts, CamSoda realizes iteration is key. According to Rios, reports of porn's death were premature. One arena where this tech has not had much impact, but could potentially redefine is the adult genre or sex games. These women, coiffed with every color of neon and pastel hair, giggled into tiny desktop cameras, pursed brightly painted lips and pushed together barely covered breasts.

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