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If one of the subordinate kings died, he was to be succeeded by his sons. The siege lasted six months and Pepin's army was ravaged by the diseases of the local swamps and was forced to withdraw. At that time, the emperor returned from another campaign in Brittany to find his empire at war with itself.

Pepin also had an illegitimate son Bernard. The disaffected Pepin was summoned to his father's court, where he was so poorly received he left against his father's orders. Pepin returned to Aquitaine and Judith - after being forced to humiliate herself with a solemn oath of innocence - to Louis's court.

This contributed to the ensuing civil war among Louis and his sons. Lothair was, however, interested in usurping his father's authority.

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He was born Carloman, but when his brother Pepin the Hunchback betrayed their father, the royal name Pepin passed to him. Judith was incarcerated at Poitiers and Bernard fled to Barcelona. While Louis was at Worms gathering a new force, Lothair marched north.

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Pepin was proclaimed King of Aquitaine, his territory including Gascony, the march around Toulouse, and the counties of Carcassonnne, Autun, Avallon and Nevers. There, Gregory met the emperor and may have tried to sow dissension amongst his ranks.

Another name for Ermengarde was Irmengarde of Hesbaye. Louis campaigned in the Mezzogiorno against the Beneventans at least once.