Galaxy angels dating sim

Galaxy angels dating sim

This led to her becoming reluctant to be with others outside the Angel Troupe. The newest member of the Angel Troupe at the start of the series. While initially impressed with Takuto for bluntly refusing to surrender to Rezum, one of Eonia's officers, they were dubious of Takuto's ability to lead because of his laid-back attitude.

He is voiced by voice actor Yuji Ueda. However, behind her tough exterior is a kind person who is always willing to put the feelings of others before herself.

Vermouth wears ridiculous spiral glasses that obscure his eyes, reminiscent of Gurio Umino from Sailor Moon and other such characters. In the games Possessing telepathic abilities, Mint possesses the ability to read the thoughts of others, even if she doesn't want to. She is scared of and allergic to mice.

The other Angels slowly become concerned of Chitose and Takuto's relationship, but Milfie assures them that it's no big deal because she wants Chitose's memory to return completely. In the games Introduced for the first time in Moonlit Lovers, Chitose became the replacement for one of the original Galaxy Angel members who left the team in order to be with Takuto. Whenever they meet in battle, he goes well out of his way to attack her.

Allying himself with the Black Moon, he declared war against the Transbaal Empire. During his stay aboard the Elle Ciel, his demeanor is quiet, calm, and reserved, yet genial. In the first game, he not only rescues Takuto, but gives him command of both the Elsior and Angel Troupe. She has a dark side, as she can sometimes be selfish to the point of letting her fellow Angels die rather than be embarrassed, and she likes to play mean pranks on the less-than-bright Ranpha. Her family is wealthy and she sometimes comes off snobbish, but she normally has a sincere, distinguished politeness in her voice when in conversations with others.

When Meyers refuses, Noah gets angry, says that she will make more and stronger ones, and runs off, disappearing just around the corner. Some consider her an insecure love friendship addict albeit with good intentions.

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Almo has short purple hair, blue eyes and wears a small head dress, while Coco has long light brown hair, brown eyes and wears glasses. This incarnation of Takuto was more of a slacker and skirt-chaser than the one in the games. Her pet cat that is always seen on her is actually constructed out of nanomachines, and expresses her emotions for her.

When Meyers refusesSome consider her an

Almo in particular felt Lester would've made a far better commander partly because she had a crush on him. She was found drifting in space in an escape capsule, she was the only survivor of a ship that was destroyed. It is later revealed that Shiva is a girl. He is Shiva's father, he knew about Eonia's plans and because of that, he was killed by Eonia's forces.

The other Angels slowly