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We drink some Ukrainian beers

Historically, the city was very multinational. They also have a good collection of coins, especially medieval moldavian coins from monasteries. After one and a half hour we arrive to Chernivtsi.

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Suceava is not a big city, and we go to the stronghold of the city, which was the capital of Moldavian Kingdom in the time of Stephen the Great. We eat at a fasto-food some hamburgers, we drink Kvass Kbac and we eat Ukrainian icecream, which is cheaper and good. We drink some Ukrainian beers and we decided to come back to Romania. After that we escape from the living gypsy, we take the local bus and we go to the centre of the city. Chernivtsi on map The city lies in the historic Northern Bukovina region and is situated on the Prut river, a tributary of the Danube.

Nowadays, the Romanian minority in Chernivtsi is still decreasing as a result of cultural assimilation and emigration to Romania. With that half paper you can leave Ukraine, and you must keep it at you. With Ukrainian currency, we go to eat and to drink something. We take the taxi and we go to the History Museum.

Suceava is not a big

We took the train from Bucharest to Suceava.

We eat at a