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The series was created as a joint effort between several people and groups. Morgan, his crew and his wife met their death there, and the leadership of the association has been replaced by Olaf Greyshoulders. It took two hundred years before Earth based ships were capable of exceeding the speed of light. They have many secret bases scattered in Federation space, and commonly do strikes and raids among traders and merchants. Also, can anyone tell me if the multiplayer in this game functions well?

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These systems do not belong to any family, but are instead governed by the central Auroran government. Pirates represent the criminal side of the universe. Thundercleese View Profile View Posts.

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Armetis destroyed Earth's hypergate, which sent shock waves throughout the entire hypergate system, crippling it and isolating many of the former Council worlds. They do not use civilian ships, and instead they use Association ships that are heavily upgraded. When the council sent a diplomatic delegation, the Polaris viewed it and its small military escort as a precursor to invasion and destroyed it, prompting the council to declare war on the Polaris.

Players are able to fly through hundreds of star systems, which are connected to each other by hyperlinks. There also exist a few shorter minor stories and missions, which are difficult to find but have great rewards, such as the ability to use the old hypergate system.

The association has ever since been an enemy of the Bureau of Internal Investigation, though they are not in open war with the Federation. They are the most populous of the blocs, but, since they remain largely uninterested in technology, one of the least technologically advanced. Their fleet consists of Auroran civilian ships, gun ships and fighters.

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Players can not damage Cap'n Hector directly, though in the original game it was possible for splash damage to disable or destroy her ship. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Ships travel between star systems along the hyperlinks by engaging their hyperdrive, a form of faster-than-light travel. However, an invasion by an unknown alien race forced the colonies to unify under Earth's leadership. The game mixes the massively multiplayer online with quasi-realistic zero-friction physics elements.

The isolationism of the Polaris, in turn, caused problems when the Colonial Council attempted to re-establish contact with them by sending in a diplomatic fleet. The plot of the original Escape Velocity involves disputes between the Confederation government and a Rebellion against it. Thank you for the replies so far. The Polaris have six separate castes, set up so that the skills of an individual can be best utilized by the caste he or she becomes a member of.

The Vell-os opposed this war, and destroyed the council's invasion fleet before it reached Polaris space. The Vell-os were originally part of the Colonial Council which preceded the Federation but seceded when they protested the Colonial fleet trying to invade the Polaris.

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The Vell-os are a telepathic race. Most systems contain stellar objects such as planets and space stations. According to the game, after winning the war with the aliens, the Confederation did not relinquish its naval power and began exploiting the resources of the outer worlds. The psionic power of the Vell-os pilot forms the shell of the vessel.

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When the council recontacted the Polaris, it became clear that they would not tolerate any interference from the council. Some major and minor storylines branch into others so that, for example, a player in the midst of the Federation story-line can, along the way, choose to join the Rebellion instead. Once again the council was thrust into war, this time to regain the lost colonies. The Bureau invited the association leader, Morgan, to a peace-treaty, which turned out to be an ambush, helped by the Guild of Free Traders.

Nova has only a small fraction of the freelance missions that were common in the previous games in the Escape Velocity series. The Federation created an investigative body known as the Bureau of Internal Investigation. There are many different branches of the common Pirates that mercilessly plunder and destroy ships. He can interact with non-player characters, encounter space pirates and kill them to fulfill the requirements of the objective.

Halfgeek View Profile View Posts. The Cydonians also use the Lightning, whereas the Letheans supplement these ships with the Rapier. Those worlds eventually seceded, provoking a civil war. At the start of the game, the Federation is the latest in a line of Earth based governments, succeeding the Colonial Council.

Both sides utilize the Defender, the Argosy, and the Corvette when fighting in space. Existing copies still function normally and re-installation is possible with automatic key renewal. This series follows the general licensing rule for Ambrosia Software.

If anyone owns it who played Escape Velocity in the past I'm very interested in your review and thoughts. Escape Velocity Nova is an Adventure, splice game Role-playing and Single-player Space video game developed and published by Ambrosia Software for multiple platforms.

The entire series features an open-ended plug-in architecture, allowing new scenarios to be written by users. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Eventually the Confederation prevailed. The ship is also powered by the pilot's mind, and all defenses come from the pilot.

Much of the game takes place in space, with the player flying a ship from a third-person overhead perspective. Players can land on these objects, where they may be given the option to trade, gain missions, and purchase new spaceships or add-on outfits for their current spaceship. The Artemis Group are a family run organization devoted to eliminating pirates as well as ensure the galactic order remains balanced.

The Rebellion is the other main government in Escape Velocity. At the start of the game, the Confederation and the Rebellion are locked in a bloody stalemate. The game takes place in the huge space environment comprises planets, moons, star systems, and several space stations. In the game, they can disable and steal the player's goods and money and leave the player stranded in open space.

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They are also universally despised, even by other Pirate factions, so they will be attacked by any warship or interceptor of any faction in a system. The first expedition that ventured in the direction of the North Star was arranged by Kerrell Polaris, who died three days before it was started.

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Drox Operative Store Page. The other Pirate branch consists of the Auroran Houseless warriors. Mordgier View Profile View Posts. Makes good use of Grand Novice and I think? It takes place in the massive space environment, offering galaxy consists of tons of planets, asteroids, and several alien species.

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