Dating vintage gibson acoustic guitars

Dating vintage gibson acoustic guitars

Les Paul Classic, present. This case was very popular for Les Pauls.

Guitars with nickel or chrome hardware should have silver caps. Instead, Gibson just ink stamped the model number inside on hollow body instruments. Tulip plastic tuners knobs have a single ring around them.

Next to it is the

The Guitar Dater Project - Gibson Serial Number Decoder

This was short lived though. After the war, the red pencil wasn't used and on instruments made during the war, sometimes it's really hard to see the red penciled sequence number. More info on Kluson tuners can be found here.

In these cases, to figure out which is the exact year for a guitar, see the General Specs section for more details. The handle on the medium and high grade cases was leather covered metal. Metal saddles replace the nylon saddles on the tunematic bridge.

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Factory Order Numbers and Letter Codes. There are two styles of this knob.

Vintage reissue and custom shop models

Most times, the serial number is applied as one of the last steps especially on pre hollow body instruments when the instrument is nearly finished. Some other special order custom colors were available.

Around is when Gibson started experimenting with Nitrocellulose laquer, and by all models were using lacquer. Next to it is the version where the switch tip changed to a plastic material that stayed white, and had a visible seam. Vintage reissue and custom shop models use a different serial number format.

Reissue and custom shop serial numbers in various formats. Or it might be an eight-digit serial number that indicates it was built on the th day of the year.

And they also have a combination lock on the main exterior latch and a leather handle. For the most part, it looks real. Some low end models with no numbers. There is still now an outside hole in the metal tuner cover for the tuner worm shaft. This happened because the dies that stamped out this part were wearing out.

This style serial number was used on all to solidbody Gibson guitars. The inside of these cases are also usually a deep maroon. Ink stamped number on back top of peghead. Gibson Factory Order Numbers, to - Overview.

This is very similar to Behlen's Violin Varnish still available today. Volume and tone controls and pickup integrated into the pickguard.