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By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. These forums provide a place for open discussion of the value of specific items. The s vintage models have a solid ink window and a single-tone gold nib with a fairly plain engraving. Horological Education Learn and share about Clocks and Watches.

  • Clocks Seek and share information about Clocks.
  • On current s, this band is completely flush against the side.
  • Not all parts were depleted at the same time.
  • The early s s vintage are slightly smaller than the current size and have the model number heat-stamped on the filler cone.
  • Pens with these bands come from very early production and are extremely valuable to collectors.
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This particular example can be dated to exactly as it is both marked W-Germany and has a serial number. No, create an account now. All discussions and transactions must be conducted privately, e. To help sellers find your requests please include selection s from the Prefix list in your title, and also brief descriptive terms for each item. Therefore the retail outlet could then add the nib as requested which made it more convenient to stock and store the pens?

Hard times don't last, jamaican dating online but hard people do. Clock Case Restoration and Repair. Discuss the value of particular clocks here.

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Watches Seek and share information about Watches. Please be so kind to disable ad blocking for fountainpennetwork. So let me know what they are and I'll adjust the chart accordingly. This has not been particularly effective.

Your thread can contain multiple posts, with one item per post. When trying to get my mind around the various permutations, I constructed the chart below. European Pocket Watch Articles. It's too fat for some of my pen storage trays and won't fit in some of my pen pouches.

Montblanc Meisterstuck 149

Please be so kind to add fountainpennetwork. This is the small pen from Mont Blanc's s regular lineup. Discuss the values of particular books and the impact of condition and scarcity on value. Horological Miscellany If it's Horological but doesn't seem to fit elsewhere try here. Michael Hi Michael, it is interesting, do you have a picture of your pen to help us tell if it is one piece or two piece barrel?

The R is the same as the except for the bordeaux red color. Each day is the start of the rest of your life! Thank you very much in advance! Reverse Glass and Dial Painting.

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You may edit your posts to add information or make corrections, or delete a post when you no longer need an item. National Watch and Clock Museum. You have full edit permission for your thread including the title and all posts.

  1. Once it has been finalised, I was wondering whether the moderators could place this as a sticky at the top of the forum?
  2. The s vintage ones have semi-flexible nibs.
  3. What do you think it's worth?

Congrats on the cool chart. These should be updated each time you add or delete a post. Lost or Stolen Horological Items.

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Could you add them to the chart? This example is marked W-Germany, which places it in the s. Discuss the values of particular watches here. Makes for good, clear, quick reference. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

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This change occurred sometime in the late s or early s. The comes from a long line of student pens and would eventually after Montblanc goes all upscale during the s morph into the Classic and then the Generations. Older pens will have a single-tone nib. The cut-out tail present in some pens is a notch in the nib that mates against the feed and prevents it from moving or rotating.

Winnipeg Singles MB

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Several functions may not work. We are happy to host other horological museums here upon request. Just Practicing and Learning. Donate towards monthly Message Board expenses!

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General Clock Discussions. Discussion includes tools, books and a Stolen items area. Another feature of early s is that the trim ring at the filler knob end is an actual ring and protrudes very slightly. You could get versions for the and sizes. It is likely that they would be different models and separated by many years in time, scrappy still dating bambi though.

HAC/HAU Wall Clock

It is very difficult to tell them apart except side-by-side. Around the s they started calling it the Meisterstuck Classique and discontinued it sometime in the late s the fancier variants are still sold, but not the plain black. Join our community and get involved. Barry Gabay has the following list of known nib variants with approximate dates. Thank you for your contribution to our understanding of the series, sac state dating and especially s.

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The iconic is the flagship of the Meisterstuck line and is the classic big black German pen. Your Newest Clock Acquisition. The cap band on very early first-year?

The Beat Down 149

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