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However, as mentioned earlier, and admitted by you, it is not your translation, and you should have mentioned that in your blog, or you should mention it now in clear words. Thank you so much for enlightening another traveling soul. It is a true depiction of secularism and interreligious respect.

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Dama Dam Mast Qalandar, tv for blackberry Ali dam dam de andar. Popular modern renditions of the song include the melody composed by Pakistani music composer Master Ashiq Hussain.

This post will explain the real origins of this song and the difference between Jhulelal and Shahbaz Qalandar. They will only remember what you did, if you did something memorable. Around what is now referred to as the province of Sindh, the Sudi rhought bloomed, flowered. This is a sindhi folk lore song and one of the word is mis interpreted.

Although I can understand some common words, I've been looking for the English translation of Dam Mast lyrics. Not acknowledging this fact diminishes your hard work.

Everything else will fall into its own place. This song-related article is a stub.

While I found the tune catchy and fast, it was only today while I suddenly started humming the song that I decided to look up its meaning. Do you have an idea who has written this song? Although all this started with forceful convertions but ended with learning to co-exist togather and respect each other.

Hi Ajit, Thank you so much for this fantastic post. You just brought all of us together.

For me more than the lyrics the beauty of the song lies in its rhyme. The love in this song is evident if you truely listen, and that is what appeals to one and all, regardless of background. Forget your religion, forget your history, forget all you have been taught or learnt. Might I suggest that you also add Komal Rizvi's souldful version of this song to your blog? Many college bands have attempted this giving a rock flavour.

God is the same for all creatures on this planet and even others. Spiritualy speaking, that is the beauty of the song that has made it the most listened, most recreated an, the consummate song.

Both Shahbaz and Udero Lal are also referred to as Jhulelal, and both were contemporaries. Something like amar jawan joyti. If you don't believe this is true, you can look up the history on the partition and see how the Hindus were forced to convert, leave, or be killed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Though the song may date way back from Indian partition but the problem of conversion itself is much older than it.

Do not hope for heaven, hell or rebirth. Neither it mean demeaning the song itself. Yes it is your blog and your viewpoint. If you haven't heard her singing this song yet, I would suggest that you should listen soon, she's simply awesome! Historically sind was known as Bud, because Buddhism was most practice religion.

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Thats what makes Sufi music majestic. The probability of it being in today's sind is high since the river starts to deltaise hence river islands. That, one song could be so popular amongst so many, I wondered, what this song is all about, what's its true meaning. The original song was written in honour of Sufi saint Hazrat shah qualander by Amir Khusro.

Plagiarism is easily caught in an increasingly connected and digital world. If only we all could be like Shahbaaz Qalandar. Do not fear for good or bad or what'll happen later.

It was a great pleasure and a surprise to see your blog. Hi Ajit, Chanced upon this post as I was looking for a translation to this song. You are such a nice guy with such refined taste and ability to think above the bias and bigotry that is rampant in our modern times where hatred at any pretext seems to be the norm. Possibly river people living on fish could not have embraced Buddhism. University of Texas Press.

And for your kind information - I am a Hindu, who as read our scriptures well, along with Quran Shareef and guru Granth Sahib and at the basement they all are the same! Try it out with those interpretations.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. His birthday Cheti Chand which falls on the second day of the Chaitra month is auspicious for Sindhis and is celebrated all over the world with traditional pomp and gaiety. Accidentally read this post and loved it. This is also one of my all time favorite and getting to know the meaning has enhanced its appeal many fold.

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