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The episode is set to air this Spring. My career needs to be in a place of my dreams so to speak. The band and I are happy to keep going if the network wants us to keep going. James, this is our third interview together.

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She releases an album about what a jerk Kendall is. Nick Cannon guest stars in that episode. The boys and I have always been incredibly close.

James Maslow Photos, News, and Videos

The episode will premiere on a date to be announced. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the express written consent of the publisher.

We actually have about six or eight minutes of cartoon in that episode where we take a music video and really caricature ourselves. The album was released in the U. They will be quite a bit different.

Last night after a meeting, the gym and rehearsal for eight hours, I went home and did another cover for You Tube because I enjoy doing it. The episode will see boyband member James James Maslow and Katie Ciaro Bravo coming up with a lie that he and Lloyd are releasing a new duet and video together. The last one was almost gearing toward electronics and what we perceived radio to be at the time where this one is much more organic. However, Lloyd's second U. It will air this spring on Nickelodeon.

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