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Hit install and a message comes up saying php project extension is needed. JavaSourceUtilImpl could be installed.

Please submit this as a new issue if you can't resolve it. Could you submit it to github issue tracker with detail information e. DocumentModelAccessProvider could be installed. Profiler could be installed.

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Please can you help as I am very keen to get started and learn this great new tool. The class name of the driver used to implements all specificities for a database engine. Editing Files - The module named org. Java Editor - The module named org. Could you try to confirm file name of nbm?

Java Hints - The module named org. Tags Based Editors Library - The module named org. Hi Mark, In case of existing source, it is correct. Right clicking a controller function showed no option to go to the view. QueriesController could be installed.

As described below, there is no way to specify the Cake framework when adding existing source so I went to Project Properties and set the framework there. It is no problem if cake badge icon is displayed on your project node. Hi I just installed nb and need to use it with cake. So, movie watching website no I did not upload and request verification it.

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Add branch cleanup task to makefile. Java Profiler Common - None of the modules providing the capability org. But I'm still not confident enough to do something.

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SourcePathProvider could be installed. If you want to get the update, please watch github repository. It should match the encoding values specified for your database. And perhaps, plugin needs some changes. Ummm, I'm not sure whether this is plugin's problem.

Hibernate - The module named org. Or have I setup the project wrong? As far as possible, please post to github. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

Preprocessor Bridge - None of the modules providing the capability org. Hi I downloaded the plugin form here and installed it. Java Visual Debugger - None of the modules providing the capability org.

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So, my question is, is there a chance to use this plugin on a already created project with this layout? Java Declarative Hints - The module named org. However, nowhere do I see a place to select the framework as shown in the picture on this page. Reload to refresh your session. Set to true if you are using reserved words or special characters in your table or column names.

So I have to check to show the tmp folder then uncheck it again. Examples of short classnames are Mysql, Sqlite, Postgres, and Sqlserver. Add linting as suggested by jrbasso. This problem is at my vista-desktop at work and my kubuntu-desktop. Spring Beans - The module named org.


Hi pmi, Did you try to search it in github issues? Please try to see github closed issues. They are shortcut for accessing files soon.

But please notice that a few problem exist yet. Eclipse Project Importer - The module named org.

Please try to submit your detail steps to github issues tracker. This file contains a default connection with provided parameters which can be modified as per our choice. Editor Code Templates - The module named org.

Java Editor Library - The module named org. Directory structure is no problem. Hi, Other plugins also be shown only detail list.

In fact all folder in the app folder are shown at the root of the project but I also have the app folder with all the same folders below that again. Define what encoding your application uses. Used by drivers that support it to connect via Unix socket files. This encoding is used to generate the charset in the layout, and encode entities. Java Source - The module named org.

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Next button is disabled, can only cancel at that point. Is there a dependent plugin I need?

Exclude more files from being exported. Configure paths for non-class based resources. When enabled queries will be logged at a debug level with the queriesLog scope. Hi, first of all, congrats and thank you man!

Freeform Ant Projects - The module named org. EditorContext could be installed. From already thank you very much.

Set to true to enable query logging. Could you run bake with command line? Hi, when it will be available in the plugin? If false, this will be auto detected.