How to Add Your First Post in WordPress The Right Way

Backdating posts on wordpress

How To Back Date Your WordPress Posts

Additional settings and options The screen options tab allows you to disable full-height editor and distraction-free functionality. You can set the current date, a past date, or a future date.

Formats By default, WordPress allows ten different post formats to be used by any theme. This is also known as a sticky post. As you can see, those are the ones that we just went through together. The only date it cares about is the index date. You can choose a category from the list or view the most used ones.

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The inspiration is easy to see. Changing editors might mess up your formatting.

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The reasoning is that, when Google sees the two posts, it will compare their dates and give authority to the earlier post. After a few successfully created and published articles, you will be able to customize your working area, and you will be faster with each new post that you add.

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More often than not, a theme will already have custom boxes and features. Depending on a theme you use, there may be dozens of available custom fields. Publishing Options On the right-hand side of the post screen, several publishing options are waiting for your action. You will see an edit link right next to this.

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After going through this article, you will just need to start writing. Status While still working on your article, by default, the status will be set to draft. But a few more boxes still sit empty. In the past, only some themes allowed this option. When working in any of the editors, you can use keyboard shortcuts to work faster and more efficiently.

Changing statuses is a must-have feature when working in a team. You should know that it is possible to extend options and features of the post screen by installing additional plugins.

You may have an archive of data, but the post dates are somehow lost in the translation. Tags Describe your post with one or multiple tags. Publish immediately, schedule or backdate a post By default, WordPress sets all posts to be published immediately. Excerpt Excerpts are short summaries that you need to write manually. This is the area where you should write your first WordPress post.

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During that period you can always choose to bring it back to life or permanently delete to keep things neat. Without any particular options, here you will have to write the title of your article. This, of course, ignores why age is important. It would be like stealing a post about the decision of the recent World Cup finals, and dating it to before the semifinals were finished.

You can set the current date